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Dredd Sequel Petition

2012 was a massive year for comic book movie fans. We were treated to a reboot of  The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel released their juggernaut in The AvengersChristopher Nolan ended his epic Batman trilogy in the form of The Dark Knight Rises, but to me, my favourite of all the comic book movies of that year was Dredd 3D. Despite the fact it was critically acclaimed and loved throughout the comic book community, at the end of the day it didn’t make back enough money to even warrant a sequel. But now, 2000AD have launched an official petition, trying to get the enough signatures to convince a studio to greenlight a sequel and make Dredd 2.

Karl Urban said back in May that, “if people want to see another [Dredd] installment then they should be vocal about that because it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects.”

The enthusiasm is commendable, and those who feel strongly should absolutely do it (while knowing it signs you up for 2000 AD’s email list), but the cold water here is that Lionsgate is going to listen to dollar signs over signatures.

On that front, Dredd was a disappointment at the box office, with a reported budget of $45M before marketing and a total haul of $36.5M buoyed mostly by international markets. The movie has done really well on home video, racking up more than $10M alone this year and is currently sold out on Amazon.com, sitting pretty at 21st on the Blu Ray chart. And those are the figures the studio cares about.

Personally, I support this attempt as I am a massive Judge Dredd fan and I would love to see a Dredd sequel. But time will tell whether or not it will get enough attention and momentum to get the attention of Lionsgate.

Fan boys and fan girls what do you make of the Dredd Sequel petition? Will you sign up? Or will you let the dark judges of lionsgate cast judgement on this franchise?

Visit the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/MakeADreddSequel

Sign the petition – Dredd Sequel Petition


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