Top 10 Worst Superhero Video Games

1. Superman 64

FEAR THIS GAME! SHUN IT! AVOID IT! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! This is a game that has been universally declared as “one of the worst games ever”! It’s been said that it: “…plays like someone made a big pile of models, textures, and programming routines and throw them all one by one into a whirling cement mixer”. It fails on every conceivable level.

The graphics are horrendous, the controls are vomit inducing and the gameplay as a whole makes me want to murder somebody. This game breeds serial killers, people! Added to that, the controls are so unresponsive that you’re more likely to crash when you’re flying Superman than you are to actually fly him. And the graphics? I said they were horrendous but the fact is you can barely see the graphics because the whole of Metropolis is covered in fog! And then there’s the frame rate. Oh, sweet merciful Zeus, the frame rate! They can go by so slowly it sometimes feels like a slideshow of Superman flying rather than an actual game. Like he wanted us to see his holiday snaps or something.

And then there’s the bugs. This game is more buggy than half the action scenes in Starship Troopers. It appears that Superman has acquired a new superpower. He now has the ability to go through solid objects for no reason! Throw in laughably broken AI, collision detection that is either on strike or being over enthusiastic and an overall experience akin to dental torture and it becomes clear why this game is infamous in it’s awfulness.


But what do YOU think? Think Aquaman has been unfairly maligned? Think we missed a crucial stinker off the list? Let us know!

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