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Top 6 Animated Shows We Want to See!

So Guardians of the Galaxy is getting a television series! Alright. Okay. Pretty good idea. But let’s face it, the comic book industry is a giant cauldron of ideas that would be perfect for the small screen. Do people call television the small screen? If they don’t, they should. In any case, I feel like whoever’s coming up with ideas for animated shows isn’t taking full advantage of all the potential awesomeness that’s available! We’ve had plenty of Batman shows, more Spider-Man cartoons than you can shake a stick at, a fair share of X-Men and a healthy (If you could call it that) dose of Justice League.

So, here’s my ideas for some animated shows that we need. Wait… not need, DESERVE! And all you TV execs out there can have ’em for free. Because I don’t own the rights to any of these characters and I doubt you’d hire me as a writer or even a producer. I don’t even think you’d make me an executive producer which is about as meaningless a title as you can get. I think I might be developing some confidence issues.

DISCLAIMER! The following is in no particular order. Just cause. I suppose I COULD have ranked them, but what would be the point? They’re all gems, frankly.


6. Suicide Squad


I know these guy’s are getting their own movie and they’ve already had an animated movie too, but if Assault on Arkham taught us anything, it was that supervillain teams kick ass! I’m not saying it wouldn’t be difficult. Making a bunch of criminals who are only doing good (Again, if you could call it that) because they have no choice the heroes of their story is a tough sell. But if DC put their heads together, got their thumbs out of their arses and wished upon a star, they could have something really special.

Plus, there’s an open market for it. We’ve been inundated with animated shows about superhero teams over the years. But have we once had a show about supervillians? Probably. But I can’t be bothered to do any research into it. If you know of any, let us know in the comments. Do my job for me, why don’tcha?


5. District X


Superhero police procedural! Oh yeah! We haven’t seen that before! Except… Powers. But we haven’t seen it on TV before! Except… they’re doing a Powers series. But it doesn’t look that good! Except… we’ve only seen one trailer for it which isn’t a good indicator for quality and so it’s impossible to judge the show until it actually airs. But… okay, I’ve got nothing,

Anyway, District X was a short comic book series set in the “Mutant Town” neighbourhood of New York, in which Bishop, of X-Men fame, and his human partner Ismael “Izzy” Ortega work for the NYPD, solving crimes relating to Mutants. Cool right? It only lasted fourteen issues, but I think the premise is strong enough to warrant an animated series. Come on! It’d be awesome! Like… Castle, but with Mutants! Who doesn’t want to see that?


4. Zatanna


Wow. Zatanna has really gotten around! She was in Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, Young Justice Invasion, Smallville and Batman the Brave and the Bold! She’s even supposed to appear in the upcoming Constantine series. And she’s never ONCE gotten a solo show! That’s kind of a shame, isn’t it? She’s been a major DC character for fifty years and she’s never gotten her own series. Hell, she nearly had a film done about her, but nothing ever came of it.

Seriously, she’s an interesting idea for a character. This is coming from DC, where half the superheroes are detectives with various gimmicks, remember. She’s a stage magician that can do actual magic! David Blaine, eat your heart out! I could go through the list of things she can do with magic, but we’d be here all day and I’ve got stuff to do dammit! These articles don’t write themselves, y’know!

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