PRESS RELEASE: 100% Biodegradable Turns 1, Celebrates with 50% Off!

This week, the sci-fi comic anthology 100% Biodegradable turns 1 year old! With bi-monthly issues, they’ve already put out 6 anthologies over the last year, all of which have been reviewed on AP2HYC. Here’s the official press release, which includes details on special offers!

100% Biodegradable, the thirty page digital sci-fi anthology from David Hailwood and John Kirkham, is one year old this week!

In celebration, you can grab Issue 1 for free on Comicsy here:

Or buy issues 1-6 in a special bundle on Drivethru for 50% off!

There’s a lot of exciting developments afoot for 100% Biodegradable next year, including a Print On Demand collection of the best strips from issues 1-6 and several one shots and mini-series. To allow the editors time to do this, 100% Biodegradable will be going quarterly, but you can still be assured of plenty of high quality contributions from the likes of John Freeman, Liam Sharp, Jimmy Furlong, Dan Cornwell and more!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Issue 7 which is due out in December, and features a rather smashing Death Duty cover by Alan Burrows.

100% Biodegradable at 50% off? That’s definitely not a deal you want to miss!

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David Molofsky

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