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Age of MCU: 6 Reasons It Would Suck To Live In The MCU

Ahhh, the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Since 2008, we’ve enjoyed watching some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fighting against the forces of evil. Sometimes they fought alone, and other times they’ve banded together to form an unbeatable squad of superhumans. That is the glory of the MCU – it allows us to relish in cinematic beauty with amazing effects, outstanding characters, and intertwining storylines.

Now let’s look at Marvel Cinematic Universe from a different perspective. While the MCU makes for great entertainment, it would be an absolute train-wreck trying to live within said universe, and here’s why.

6. You Might Never Meet Your Heroes

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Let’s assume you were plucked out of your normal life and thrown into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of now, there is only a handful of superheroes, all of whom are scattered across the country (and galaxy). What are the chances that you’d actually see Iron Man or Captain America in action, let alone meet them? You know how difficult/expensive it is to encounter celebrities? Imagine multiplying that by 1000 if you want to meet superheroes, especially the ones who live on other worlds or have gone into seclusion. The most you’ll probably ever get to see of the heroes is grainy camera-phone footage on YouTube.

5. You Might Meet Your Heroes


When you think about it, do you really want to see your heroes? It’s one thing to run into Tony Stark while he’s grabbing a bite to eat at Sbarro’s; it’s another to catch the Hulk rampaging through Harlem. Usually, when you spot a superhero, there is bound to be a villain close behind. Even when there is no villain, a superhero in full costume is no laughing matter. Just look at what happened in Iron Man 2. Tony Stark throws a party, which sounds like something I would love to attend, and out of nowhere, an armored-suit-fight breaks out between him and Rhodes, which sounds like something I would NOT love to attend. Sorry, but I saw what those suits can do. You can bet I’d be the first person out the door as soon as AC/DC came on over Iron Man’s speaker system.

4. You’re A Helpless Bystander/Victim

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Remember what I said earlier about there only being a handful of superheroes in the MCU (so far)? You have a very slim chance of becoming a hero. That means you’re just another bystander/victim. As your city is being torn apart, you can’t do anything but run and hide. Is a Chitauri soldier about to blast you away? You better hope Iron Man is close by or else you’re a goner. Want to stand up to Absorbing Man? Pray that a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent comes to the rescue. You are virtually helpless in the MCU. You could try to fight back but…

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