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4 Alternate Leagues of Extraordinary Gentlemen

There’s just something about the concept of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that absolutely intrigues me. I love seeing various characters from the farthest reaches of fiction come together to battle a single threat. Watching legendary heroes like Allan Quatermain join forces with Captain Nemo and Mina Murray to face off against Professor Moriarty is truly a work of art. It’s just a shame that we can’t see more modern heroes join in the fray and show their potential in such storylines thanks to copyright laws and the public domain.

But what if it were possible? If you could pluck fictional persons from any show, film, or video game, and combined them into a team to battle an overbearing threat, who would you choose? Below we’ve assembled four teams of heroes we’d like to see join forces as alternate versions of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

*Disclaimer: this list is purely meant for entertainment purposes only. We are fully aware that these characters will not be brought together anytime soon due to copyright.

4. The Slasher League

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Ash Williams thought his troubles were over. He thought he could finally get back to his life and never have to see another Deadite ever again. But he realizes that there’s a new threat in town. A sadistic serial killer named Jigsaw is luring victims into booby-trapped warehouses and forcing them to commit atrocities and play twisted games in order to survive. Seeing as the local police force is powerless to help, Ash takes the sole responsibility of ridding the city of Jigsaw once and for all.

There’s only one problem: Jigsaw isn’t working alone. He’s protected by his own personal bodyguard, the menacing Michael Myers. Anyone who wants to get to the mastermind has to first get through the white-masked, supernatural killer. Ash knows he can’t do it alone, so he figures it might be best to fight fire with fire. He ventures to the furthest parts of the normal world and the supernatural world to recruit the walking juggernaut Jason Voorhees, the stealthy and smart-mouthed Chucky, the dream-world-invading Freddy Krueger, and the mysterious Candy Man, who has the power to teleport via mirrors. Will the Slasher League be enough to take down Jigsaw and Michael Meyers?

3. The Hero League

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A mysterious man shows up in New York City and begins tearing up roads and buildings like they were toy blocks. People are helpless against this strong-man who claims to hold the power of the Greek Gods in his very hands. Fortunately, another powerful being named Xena appears in NYC and attempts to end the mystery man’s path of destruction. She finds herself unable to battle him alone, so she starts looking for allies in this new world.

Amanda Waller is no stranger to super-powered beings running amok in the city. After her incident with Deathstroke not too long ago, she’s been keeping tabs on unusual activity across the country. She meets with Xena, the warrior princess from the past, and offers her assistance in taking down the man called Hercules. Together, these two women manage to recruit the Meteor Man, who developed the ability of flight and super strength after a strange accident, the enigmatic and silent Darkman, and the enthusiastic but cautious Hit-Girl, who ends up befriending and looking up to Xena as a mother figure. Together, the Hero League hopes to stop Hercules before he unleashes the power of the Gods on the entire world.


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