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Top 5 Heroic Anthems To Live By

As an avid runner and superhero film enthusiast, there’s no shortage of action film theme songs on my workout playlist to get me to the next rep or extra mile.  It is because of these famous soundtracks why I like to think I live an epic lifestyle.  These very songs that act as the beating heart of any splash scene makes routine trips like getting gas or waiting in the Starbucks drive-thru feel more victorious. This, my fellow geeks, is my list of heroic anthems to live by.


5. The Dark Knight – A Watchful Guadian


Hans Zimmer’s fast paced score as Batman races off in the night was instrumental to the climatic ending of The Dark Knight. Many will righteously recall Heath Ledger’s Joker as the stand-up performance of the film, but to undermine Zimmer’s work is a criminal offense. Set to Gary Oldman’s dramatic monologue, the Dark Knight’s main theme truly defines Christopher Nolan’s take on the classic character. The edgy thumping matches well with a short sprint, a long night of homework, or serving up a mean omelet on a Sunday morning.


4. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – Duel of the Fates

Possibly the best thing to come from the prequel, John Williams’s Duel of Fates is best recognized as Qui Gon Jinn’s well-deserved ass whooping. Williams’s operatic song enters as Darth Maul confidently challenges Natalie Portman and associates and musically narrates his beating on our poorly planned Jedis. From the first note, we get a sense of urgency as the ominous choir starts off strong foreshadowing demise and tragedy, but simmers off a bit to build up yet again. It may very well be a villainous tune, but the fast-paced orchestra pairs up perfectly with any run or groom wedding entrance. The groom doesn’t walk down the aisle you say? Well not without John f%&*@ing Williams.

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