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PODCAST: The Geek Chorus Episode 8: “Superman Lives”

Finding a good nerd podcast is a difficult venture. Some get really technical, some are too mainstream, but some are just right. One such podcast is The Geek Chorus, made by the folks at How Do I Jump?, a general geek and gaming site. The Geek Chorus focuses on one topic per episode, examining it in a style that is very much at home at AP2HYC.

EPISODE 8: Superman Lives


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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a documentary about the greatest superhero movie that was never made! Today we talk about The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? This documentary goes in-depth into the process of creating one of the most legendary superhero movies that was never made, Superman Lives, and those that were involved in it. Superman Lives went through four screenplay writers, dozens of pre-production artists, and millions of dollars in design all to make Superman Lives a reality. Kevin Smith, Tim Burton, Jon Peters, Dan Gilroy, and several others are spoken to about what went into the creating and the ultimate failure of the making of Superman Lives. We’re also given glimpses of what could have been with costume test footage, special effects, storyboard sequences, and set designs, revealing that Superman Lives would have been a true cinematic epic.

Mike, Pete, and Rob discuss from the Garage of Solitude what they experienced while watching this great documentary as well as how much they would actually want to see this film come to fruition by the time they were done watching it. Spoiler Alert: THEY REALLY WANNA SEE IT! For more information on how you can see this great documentary, log onto TWDOSLWH.com to purchase your copy of The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? by Jon Schnepp.

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