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SPIDERTEMBER PODCAST SPECIAL: The Geek Chorus & Jock and Nerd Crossover: Superior Spider-Man Debate

Spidertember kicks off with an incredible 2-part podcast debate about Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man. Was Doc Ock really a superior Spider-Man? Was he a superior Peter Parker? Why is the Jock so hungover? Find the answers to these questions and more by listening to this spectacular podcast!

PART 1 – The Geek Chorus, Episode 9


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Who wore it better? Peter Parker? Doctor Otto Octavious? Mike Sangregorio, Peter Kendall, Imran “The Nerd” Javed, and David Molofsky take sides on who truly was the Superior Spider-Man in this special crossover event that kicks off AP2HYC.com’s #Spidertember month long celebration of all things Spider-Man! To start us on our month long celebration, the Geek Chorus is the hosting ground for a Superior Spider-Man debate that will surely split the world in two! Was Doc Ock truly the Superior Spider-Man or was Peter Parker the only destined man to be wearing the outfit? And what of the Superior Spider-Man costume itself? How about Spider Island, those arms, and the way Doc Ock’s Superior Spider-Man killed Massacre?!? All these questions will be tackled in this debate.

PART 2 – Jock and Nerd, Episode 36


It’s #Spidertember, Spidey fans! Imran is joined by David Molofsky, Peter Kendall, and, eventually, The Jock, for part two of a crossover podcast with The Geek Chorus, A Place To Hang Your Cape and How Do I Jump?  The gang nerds out about Dr. Octopus hijacking Peter Parker’s mind and becoming The Superior Spider-Man! Was he a better Spider-Man? Was he a better Peter Parker? It’s up to you to decide!

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