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INTERVIEW: Todd Black – Creator of Home

If you enjoyed the first issue of the sci-fi/fantasy adventure series Home, then you may be interested in contributung to issue 2 on Kickstarter. We spoke to creator Todd Black to learn more.

AP2HYC: Why are you funding individual issues instead of the more traditional approach of funding the series as a whole?

Black: Well, I honestly haven’t seen that much. I usually see individual issues, or sometimes small arcs funded. And to be more honest, to ask someone to fund 4-6 issues, which will likely be the run of Home, from one issue is asking a lot of someone.

With doing it by issue, I’m giving them a chance to see what’s coming in that issue, pledge to that issue alone, and then, if they don’t like it, give them the option to drop out. Yes, it’s a leap of faith every time, but it’s one I feel more confident in asking people to take with me.

AP2HYC: As our protagonist Elysia is mocked because of her blue hair, does this series explore how society shuns people who are seen as different?

Black: Oh yes, Elysia’s story is very much about shedding the views of a world that hates what’s different, and showing that you should view a person based on who they are… and not how they look. With Elysia in Altaria, she’s getting treated so different, it’s almost like she’s got “regular” hair, cause no one cares that its blue. And that’s what we should see. Elysia is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet; why we should we care that she was born with blue hair?

AP2HYC: How does the story of this issue carry on from the first?

Black: Well, we’re in Altaria now, and that presents both a bunch of new characters, and a bunch of new challenges. Elysia will see things that she’s never experienced, or even dreamed of, before. And the culture shock is in full effect. But also, we get to see her interact with the Knights of Altaria, and that itself exposes some interesting details about both Altaria, and the possible purpose she is there for.

AP2HYC: Can you talk about the world of the series?

Black: Altaira is a fun mix between medieval and sci-fi. The world itself is medieval in construction, and yet, there are aspects of sci-fi that just make you wonder how it came to be. The Code is ever present here as it is in Home #1, and some of the things we reveal about the Code just pushes the fact that this isn’t our Earth, or even our dimension, certain rules do not apply here. That’s what makes it fun!

APTHYC: And the original team are back in addition to some new members?

Black: Oh yeah, that was huge for me. My penciler/inker Dinh Nguyen, my colorist Bethany Varni, and my letterer Zakk Samm have all returned. In addition, we have some great cosplay guests and artists joining us. AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole is coming back, along with her husband Alfred Trujillo to assist us. They’ll be doing an epic variant cover if we get funded. As well as Ms. Powergirl giving away some signed prints of her photoshoot as Elysia.

Then, we have the Ultra Girls Sophii and Cissa, who have done their own shoots, and will be giving away the cosplay prints as well.

Then, we have CJ Allan Marsh, who has done a variant cover of the Ultra Girls for this Kickstarter, and will do an exclusive art piece for certain backers if we get fully funded.

I’m very happy with my team, and I truly hope we can continue to make Home together.

AP2HYC: What do you have planned for Altaria in the future?

Black: The world of Altaria is only going to get more complicated as Home continues its run. Elysia is an unexpected piece to a puzzle that’s been forming for a while there. You might think you know where this is all going… but it’s not that simple. The Knights of Altaria are going to be huge going forward, and I can’t wait to see who the readers connect with and like. We have some fun characters, and they’ll all be getting the spotlight they deserve.

Are you excited for the second issue of Home? Let us know what you think in the comments, or on Twitter, and don’t forget to check out the Kickstarter page while you have the chance!

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