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6 Ways Wonder Woman will Steal Batman v Superman

Every girl or woman has a role model; fangirls are no different. Female superheroes consistently make it onto the list. They are superior role models because they fight for what they believe in, never letting the male superheroes one up them. But we’ve still yet to see a good heroine on film.

Wonder Woman is one of the first female superheroes, and certainly a prototype for many that followed, much in the same way as Superman was for male heroes. Yet Wonder Woman has only been portrayed twice as live-action since her introduction in the comics in 1941. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the first film since those, in which Wonder Woman will appear. She will be played by Gal Gadot.

Everyone is excited to see her on the big screen, and see if she will steal the whole film; which I think may happen. Here are 6 reasons why I think Wonder Woman may steal Batman v Superman.

6. Diana Prince

Every fangirl and fanboy has a favorite female superhero, and Diana Prince is most likely on top of any DC fan’s list. She is a wealthy, strong, independent woman. She is sexy, which is to be expected in this modern world of superhero films; but hopefully DC will not exploit that in a womanizing way. It looks to me, that she will flirt with Bruce Wayne and annoy him, then appear out of nowhere to help save both Batman and Superman.

5. Amazon


As she is an Amazon, she is extremely beautiful and has a mystique about her. Plus, she can kick your ass if you cross her! Now, I’m not saying that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck aren’t sexy, because oh yes they are. And both suit their roles perfectly. The fact that wonder woman is sexy shouldn’t undermine the fact that she is a total badass and will beat you down if you cross her, but also she will protect you if she needs to, because she is a superhero.

Amazon’s are Ancient Greek mythical warrior women, so yeah, don’t fight her… She knows how to manipulate and fight for survival, and more often than not, she wins. That means she will win against Batman and Superman, and help defeat a common enemy in Lex Luthor and you know…. Justice League time!!

4. Founding Member

Everyone knows the big DC group of heroes; Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman are members of it. This is the Justice League. This is what the name of the film refers to: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman is the pillar of the Justice League because she is the only woman in it, and more importantly, a founding member. The other founding members of the Justice League are Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter, respectively. These superheroes are all epic in their own way, yet Wonder Woman is the only female member.

This is important as, if we are right to expect, she is going to unite Batman and Superman, and found the Justice League. This means she’ll steal the whole film. Hello?! Starting the Justice League and put Batman and Superman in their place?! How can she not take the spot light?! From the trailer, it looks like she gets in the way of the fight, saves their asses from Lex Luthor, and and makes Batman and Superman fight together. At this point, she joins them up and forms the Justice League. OR it could be that they fight her too, and then she makes them see sense by using her powers. Either way, she wins and steals the film because she is a genius.

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