PRESS RELEASE: Bruce Outback

Now running on Kickstarter until April 22nd is Bruce Outback, the latest comic from Attic Studios – the skewed minds behind Lou Scannon and Druid Investigations!

Bruce Outback is Australia’s greatest detective, who gets sent back through time (with the help of his super-intelligent genetically modified Koala) to solve unsolved crimes throughout history! It’s a time travel comedy all the way – think Quantum Leap meets Crocodile Dundee!

The first issue sees Bruce take on a megalomaniac Russian businessman at an orphanage in Victorian London – that is, if Bruce can survive the cold first!

The Kickstarter also gives backers the chance to grab prints, sketch cards, commissions, bookmarks and other goodies, as well as physical and digital copies of the book. There are two standard covers, and a special Kickstarter exclusive cover by Random TrialsDean Beattie.



Created by Jim Bampfield, Kris Carter, Dan Harris & Kirsty Winskill.

Written by Jim Bampsfield and Kris Carter.

Art by Kris Carter.

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