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PODCAST: The Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 38: Jennie Gyllblad and Jenitales

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This week Jennie Gyllblad, super busy Swedish comic book artist and the mind behind the good natured filth, ‘Jenitales’ joins the ACP crew and throws the show into the best kind of chaos. She talks about how her new NSFW comic project came to be, her path to becoming a full time comics artist, running a Patreon and SO much more. It may be one of the funniest shows yet, and we earn the ‘explicit’ label as Jen becomes the first guest to use the term ‘Lady Garden’, Dan tells a story about a sexy interactive robot, Vince gets picked on so much he forgets how many pro artists we’ve had as guests, and Tony finally gets the conversation about furries he’s always wanted – which ends up with everyone picking out what animal they would be. Yep, this episode is definitely for mature audiences. Especially the immature ones who are prepared to laugh a lot.

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