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6 Reasons You Should (Totally) be on Team Cap!

Everyone is impatiently waiting for the upcoming Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, the last of the Captain America trilogy. Civil War will adapt the Marvel crossover event Civil War of the early 2000s into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the comic storyline, a group of young heroes accidentally (while they were trying to save people) caused a massive explosion killing people and wiping themselves out in the process. The media coverage of the incident had the U.S. government passing The Superhuman Registration Act. Iron Man championed the Act. Captain America opposed it. The superheroes and super-villains alike divided on the matter. Nothing good came of it—it divided the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Avengers.

In the movie, from the trailers and information about the movie given, the whole crux of the matter is centered on the Winter Soldier’s past. Bucky reformed, but that did not mean that his past actions were going to be ignored by the international community. Captain America goes out of his way to help his long-lost best friend, but in doing so, divides the superhero community.

Here are some reasons why you should totally be on Team Cap.

6. Captain America


Captain America is literally the moral standard that all superheroes in the Marvel Universe follow. Captain America is one of my favorite superheroes. He started as the ultimate underdog. Steve Rogers was a sickly, weak young boy who just wanted to serve his country in its time of need. It was his bravery and willingness to sacrifice himself for others that he was chosen for the Super Soldier Program. Steve Rogers just does not wear a costume and call himself Captain America for no reason. He has a purpose to serve and protect others that cannot do so themselves.

Captain America is the type of man who you want to follow into battle, because you know that he has your back and everyone’s best interest at heart. The best part of being on Team Cap because of Captain America would be able to see the normal side of Captain America, who under the mask is simply Steve Rogers.

Cap stands up for what he believes in and he does not shy away from doing so even if everyone else is telling him that he’s wrong. The whole focus of Civil War is Cap standing up for his friend, even though it may not be the best choice or even the wisest decision.

5. Ant-Man


Paul Rudd is reprising his role as Ant-Man in Civil War. The likeable Scott Lang, an ex-convict, who in his self-titled movie unwittingly stole something from an Avengers base, sides with Captain America in Civil War. Ant-Man is a character that believes in doing the right thing, no matter how or why or the consequences. It was that character trait that landed him in jail, after all.

I also cannot wait for Ant-Man’s interactions with the other Avengers that sided with Captain America. I think that Ant-Man and Hawkeye would get along pretty well. I can see Ant-Man trading quips and sarcastic comments with Falcon.   There are so many questions that come up with Ant-Man joining Team Cap. Did Falcon recruit Ant-Man? Did Ant-Man become a part of the Avengers prior to Civil War? Are we going to see glimpses of Wasp?

Also, will Hank Pym have a problem with Ant-Man joining up with the Avengers, or at least half of the Avengers considering his past problems with SHIELD? Granted, this movie is about Captain America and secondly about Bucky Barnes, but it should be interesting to see how Ant-Man finds a place on the team and what his role is going to be.

4. Falcon


Captain America’s new best buddy is Sam Wilson, known as the Falcon. A supporting character in Captain America: The Winter Solider and a cameo appearance in Ant-Man, Falcon is a good friend to Captain America. Since Falcon’s introduction, I have been dying to see more of him on the screen. Sam Wilson was a special operations soldier who manned the Falcon suit. He helped other veterans with PTSD and other post-battle traumas. He quickly befriended Captain America and Black Widow in The Winter Solider.

He is a let’s-roll-with-it kind of a guy. He was quickly on board to help Cap with whatever he needed in the second movie. Sam Wilson may make sarcastic comments here and there about how “People that shoot at you usually start shooting at me,” he is totally gung-ho and all about helping Cap rescue Bucky. There is always opportunity to learn about how Falcon and Cap found Bucky and everything else about their special case in The Civil War.

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