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6 Reasons You Should (Totally) be on Team Cap!

3. Hawkeye


Clint Barton is one of my favorite characters in any universe. Unlike the rest of the team, Hawkeye is not a super-solider, not equipped with special machines or technology (save his trick arrows), and remains a spy and the best archer in Marvel. Hawkeye is a normal guy, who just so happened to be a member of the Avengers. I definitely am interested to what Hawkeye’s choice to be on Team Cap means for Black Widow and Hawkeye’s friendship and not to mention if Hawkeye’s MCU wife had anything to say about it. Hawkeye’s decision to be on Team Cap is no surprise. Perhaps we will see a bit more character interaction between Captain America and Hawkeye, as well.

2. Stucky bromance

Winter Soldier

I am a sucker for awesome stories about friendship. Steve and Bucky’s friendship is an amazing display of friendship. From their days as just a couple of kids from Brooklyn to soldiers in World War II to Winter Soldier and Captain America, they are with each other until the end of the line. Captain America divides the Avengers and the world because he knows that he needs to stand up for his best friend.

After all, why would Marvel Studios spent so much time on their friendship if it was not super important to Steve’s character development? Cap’s interactions with Bucky are probably the most important in all the movies. Captain America: The First Avenger had Steve wanting to join the Army just like Bucky and he was devastated when he thought Bucky had died. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was literally all about their friendship and it was put through the wringer with Bucky being the brainwashed Winter Solider and all. Captain America: Civil War will no doubt be another testament to the strength of Steve and Bucky’s friendship.

If there is any reason to be on Team Cap, the continuing friendship of Steve and Bucky should be one of the top reasons.

1. Do we really wanted the U.S. Government/Military/The United Nations regulating superheroes?

HYDRA Shield

HYDRA got into world politics or U.S. politics? I mean, if S.H.I.E.L.D., the world’s most premier super-spy organization did not know that there were HYDRA moles littered throughout its own organization, is there any hope for the rest of the various bureaucratic agencies to have defences against supervillain super-groups? Probably not. Captain America: The Winter Soldier established that Cap has trust issues with the government and its organizations.

The infamous question about “who watches the watchmen” obviously is a basis for the superhero civil war. While the trailer does not explain much more other than some cool fight sequences and shots of the various characters, the underlying issue about the role of superheroes and super-humans is a major theme throughout the entire superhero genre. After all, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice discussed the question about whether or not superheroes should be accountable for their actions and should metas and Superman be regulated? There is a constant debate throughout superhero comics about superheroes’ place in the world that they live.

The Superhuman Registration Act is one result of the debate.

Some of the reasons to be on Team Cap can be a double-edge sword. Who’s to say if Captain America is actually right? What if Captain America is being selfish because of his friendship with Bucky? Should Bucky’s past actions as the Winter Soldier be completely exonerated? No, probably not but probably will. There are a lot of tough issues and questions that will be raised in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie.

Anything missing? Anything to add? Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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