PRESS RELEASE: GalaXafreaks: Dark Vibes – Psychedelic Science Fiction


GalaXafreaks will eat your brain! They chew it up and spit it out in a reconstructed mind freak! Trust me you’ll feel better for it!

GalaXafreaks: Dark Vibes is a five issue miniseries coming from the fevered mind of Andrew Pawley. Each issue is a 32 page, full colour science fiction freak out extravaganza! Featuring characters who transcend reality and travel through and across multidimensional spacetime.

Dark Vibes is the story of Meeko the Darkling. This mild, unsuspecting heroine is thrust into an intergalactic stellar adventure that, at the beginning, is beyond her comprehension. What is Meeko’s connection to the origins of her planet? What is her relationship with the cosmic giant Captain Yeah!? What evil plans are Fuzz Muff and the Dark Vibe Underlords hatching?

GalaXafreaks: Dark Vibes issue one was successfully funded, printed and distributed this past February. Andrew will be launching the Kickstarter to raise funds for the publication of issue two on Apil 1st.

If you missed out last time issue on is available to buy at GalaXafreaks.com or you can pick up a back issue bundle with the new Kickstarter.

Each issue is printed on high quality stock to show off the excellent, full colour artwork. A strong laminated cover ensures that this premium, limited edition product is of the highest quality.

Andrew Pawley fell to this dimension in the south coast of England and has since disguised himself as a comics creator. A childhood and adolescent education from 2000AD and R. Crumb informs his fantastical and anarchic approach towards his creative endeavors!

Andrew has previously drawn and written four issues of the original GalaXafreaks series. Issues one and two of this series are available to download for free as hi-res PDFs when you sign up to the GalaXafreaks mailing list.

GalaXafreaks is a unique comic book both stylistically and thematically. Open yourself to cosmic possibilities, tune in a multitude of galactic weirdness and give in to the gravitational pull of the GalaXafreaks!


GalaXafreaks  mailing list: www.galaxafreaks.com/mailing-list-sign-up

Official website: www.galaxafreaks.com

Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/galaxafreaks

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