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REVIEW: Actionverse #0

Actionverse #0, written by Vito Delsante, Ray-Anthony Height, Sean Izaakse, Nate Lovett, and Jamal Igle, is an intriguing idea that brings indie comic book characters Molly Danger, Stray, and Midnight Tiger into the same universe as they work together to defeat the villainous Hyena. The idea is something that we have never seen before: create a universe that indie comic book characters can live in harmoniously. This comic captures the essence of what makes major comic book serials so great and brings it to the world of indie comics. After all, some of the greatest comic book storylines contain some form of a crossover. It’s a logical progression for indie comics and Actionverse #0 pulls it off fairly well for its first run.

The setup focuses on the very best elements of good old fashioned and simple storytelling. The story begins in a lab where an experiment goes horribly wrong, creating a mutant giant monster known as Hyena. Luckily, through the strings of fate our three heroes, the young and eager Midnight Tiger, hot-headed Stray, and veteran Molly Danger cross paths while trying to put an end to Hyena’s plans. Through teamwork and determination, our heroes come together to defeat their common foe.

From the very beginning, you can feel the world being built with each turn of the page. Storylines and character interactions are set up as taking place years before this narrative even begins. It gives us a sense that not only is this world being created now, it’s existed long before we as an audience have begun investing in it. Ray-Anthony Height and Sean Izaakse’s artwork deliver a punch and bold coloring that breathes life into the characters and settings.

Character interactions feel natural and while three is usually considered a crowd, Stray, Molly Danger, and Midnight Tiger balance each other quite well for the first issue. Its tone through dialogue is lighthearted enough to introduce the world but also possesses small touches of serious moments for future setups.

My only disappointment was the lack of introduction to certain characters. While the comic is set up similar to how a typical crossover for Marvel or DC would start, these are characters that may not be as familiar to its audience as Batman or Thor. Having a bit more exposition for Molly Danger and even Stray would have been more helpful for those new to the characters. There is a very clear sense as to who Midnight Tiger is as a character and, to be fair, the audience follows him the most. I just wish the other two had been given the same attention, especially Molly Danger. For a character who seemed to be the “celebrity” of the group, we really didn’t get a sense as to who she is other than a few tidbits here or there.

Overall, Actionverse #0 is a lighthearted, enjoyable beginning to something that could revolutionize the world of indie comics.

You can purchase your copy of Actionverse #0 through Atomic Empire’s website. Get your copy today! Once you’ve read your copy, let us know what you thought of it on Twitter or in the comments section below!

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