6 Reasons to Get Excited for Jessica Jones Season 2

Last November Jessica Jones premièred on Netflix to rave reviews and acclaim from critics and viewers alike for its performances, noir tone and how the show dealt with serious topics such as assault and post traumatic stress. Soon after a season 2 was ordered by Netflix and it looks like it will be going into production soon around when The Defenders will also be in production.  Here are some reasons fans are excited for the next season of Jessica Jones.

6. MCU Connections


Jessica Jones had some of the most fun connections yet to the bigger MCU. While nothing too overt like a cameo from an Avenger or anything there was one great episode dealing with a person who wanted to kill Jessica since her mom was killed in the battle of New York and she blamed the superheroes. Jessica then points out why didn’t the lady blame the alien invasion or actually go after someone who was actually at the battle. Now that Captain America: Civil War has happened I wonder if the Accords will play any part in the show. A lot of people know about Jessica’s powers and I wonder if she will have to deal with the law or being blackmailed by people in order to keep her powers secret.

5. Supporting Cast


Jessica Jones had one of the strongest supporting casts I have seen on TV recently (although I could have done without the crazy neighbor lady who lived in Jessica’s apartment building). They proved an interesting mix of allies and antagonists (and sometimes both) and had lives and histories just as interesting as our main character and villain. Seeing how these characters continue to grow and deal with an expanding world they find themselves in, especially since it was just announced that Carrie Ann-Moss will be in Iron Fist, should lead to new interesting stories as they deal with cases and Jessica’s life.

4. Mysteries


I’m a big noir fan so the private investigator side of Jessica Jones has always been something that appealed to me. While we got to see some of that in the show as Jessica took cases and investigated Kilgrave’s origins, this is one aspect of the show that I hope gets developed more in the next season. Maybe instead of a villain from her past Jessica could be investigating someone for a case and then we can really get a chance for Jessica to use her investigating skills as she has to figure out what a person is doing and find out their identity.

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