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6 Reasons We Need A Judge Dredd Netflix Series

In 2012 a great thing happened. Someone, somewhere, discovered that they had the brass balls to make a new Judge Dredd movie. Any not just ANY Judge Dredd movie – a bloody fantastic, uber-violent and thrilling one. But then a bad thing happened. Not enough people went to see this movie and, despite rave reviews from the ones that did, the lack of box office meant that a much-needed sequel proved hard to get off the ground.

Now though, with the advent of Netflix produced TV shows and the success of Daredevil, it’s a distinct possibility that the Judge will be laying down the law again pretty soon. Here, in no particular order, are 6 reasons this needs to happen, like right now!

6. Karl Urban


He may not look too convinced in the pic above, but I have yet to hear a bad word said about Karl Urban as Judge Dredd. He’s got the voice, the enthusiasm for the character, he can act up a storm using only his manly chin and, most importantly, he’s just plain awesome. He also happens to be dead keen on doing a Netflix Dredd series. What a guy!

5. The Source Material

judge dredd

The Judge has been dealing out the law for a long time. This has resulted in a wealth of well crafted, multi-faceted story-lines which would be eminently suited to being told a TV series. In fact there is so much material that Mr Urban could find himself with a supremely bad case of hat-hair for a very long time indeed. Bad for his (admittedly fabulous) hair, very good for Netflix subscribers and fans of ass-kicking lawmakers everywhere.

4. Antiheroes Are In


Who hasn’t at some point recently found themselves rooting for Hannibal Lecter, lusting after Loki or praying for the Punisher? It seems we’ve had enough of the self-righteous, too good to be true heroes – what we want is someone who’s not afraid to cross the line in pursuit of the right result (or, in the case of Hannibal Lecter, the right casserole). Dredd, with his hard line, absolute form of justice, fits perfectly into that role. Just think, in the near future we could be agonising over whether to watch the next episode of The Punisher on Netflix or the next Dredd. What an excellent dilemma that would be.

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