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6 Reason Why Sam Wilson Should be the Next Captain America

Word came down from up on high that Chris Evans will not be reprising his role as Captain America/Steve Rogers. With this news, it means that the role of Captain America is open. There are a number of people that took on the role of Captain America after Steve Rogers. Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson are some of the people that tried to take the place of Captain America.

Currently, Sam Wilson, the former Falcon, is Captain America in the comics, while Steve Rogers is apparently a sleeper Hydra agent in some funky story-line. Sam’s run as Cap is very well done. It’s why I wanted to write the article because Sam should be the next Cap in the MCU and I will tell you all the awesome reasons why.

6. Backstory

falcon at the va hos

In the MCU, what do we actually know about Sam Wilson? We now that he’s a veteran and that he wore the Falcon suit on missions for the military. We also know that he spent time at the VA hospital to help soldiers with PTSD and other issues with re-adapting to civilian life. Who is Sam Wilson? Where did this version of Sam Wilson grow up, still in Harlem? What was his childhood like? And why did he join the military in the first place? There a lot of questions that need to be answered and would make interesting story.

5. New Team Dynamics


With a new Cap, there’s bound to be some adjustment problems with the rest of the Avengers (what’s left of them after Captain America: Civil War). Sam would have a hard time filling the shoes of Steve at first because he thinks he has to be like Steve as Cap, when he needs to be Sam as Cap. Team Dynamics are extremely important to the success of the MCU franchise.

4.He’s Steve’s Present-day Best Friend

cap meet sam

Other than Bucky, Sam is Steve’s best friend. With Bucky on ice in Wakanda indefinitely and Steve off ‘finding himself’ (or whatever cockamamie thing that the writers will come up with to write Steve out of the MCU gracefully), Sam is the only reasonable choice. His Falcon suit was busted up pretty bad in Civil War. The escaped Avengers will need a new leader and Sam’s military background make him a good choice.

3. Captain America’s Legacy


Sam Wilson as Cap opens the door for others in the Captain America themed superheroes from the comics. Most importantly thought, amazing characters like Patriot (from the original run on the Young Avengers) and Miss America (a dimension traveling warrior and later, a Young Avenger). With young characters like Tom Holland, it would be a great opportunity to look at a chance for a team like the Young Avengers to be in the MCU. It would be an easy enough story-line. (And not just because I want a Hawkeye movie with both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in it, eventually).

2. Opportunities for Sam Wilson to be Awesome

sam in civil war

Sam is often out-shined by other characters like Steve, Bucky, and Tony Stark. He becoming Cap will give him a chance to shine and show that he is an Avenger through and through and that they can all continue with Steve Rogers (Captain America, the First Avenger). Sam needs a chance to do that, especially since he’s such a great character in the comics.

1. Sam Wilson is Awesome!

the falcon

Sam’s a pretty awesome dude. He calmly accepted Steve and Natasha’s insanity into his life. Sam Wilson became the Falcon. He saw that someone like Steve needed help and he helped. Sam got thrown in a SHIELD prison just because Steve believed that he was doing the right thing and therefore, Sam followed him. Sam has so much promise.

I would be super-excited if Sam Wilson gets to be the next Captain America in the MCU. It would be a great thing for Marvel to have an African-American main character headline one of their blockbuster movies. Taking on an iconic role like Captain America will not be easy for Anthony Mackie or the character Sam Wilson, but I think he’s got it.

Do you think Sam would make a great Captain America? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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