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8 Comic Book Characters That Matt Damon Could Play

Matt Damon is one of Hollywood’s leading male action stars. He has played lots of characters over the years, but his most notable character was Jason Bourne, in the Bourne series. Damon, as a versatile actor, could very well play a number of comic book characters. I think that given the opportunity Damon can play whatever role he’s given. He’s not only physically capable of performing stunts and any action scenes, but he plays a strong-willed individual more often than not. I tried to make a diversified list for variety purposes.

8. Fantomex


Fantomex is a very minor character in the X-Men side of the Marvel Universe. He’s known as Weapon XIII and considered a super-soldier. He was also to serve in a Super-Sentinel mutant-hunter’s program. His genetic material, as a baby, spliced with a computer program called E.V.A. made him superhuman.

As an artificially evolved human, Fantomex possesses multiple brains for independent parallel processing, nano-active blood and E.V.A. as an external nervous systems. He is a skilled marksmen and hand-to-hand combatant, but his skills also include auto-hypnosis, and the ability to seem like he can teleport. Since he’s such a minor character, I think Matt Damon could have fun with the character and expand on what’s in the comics to the big screen. The X-Men movies always has room for another mutant.

7. Hush


Hush is a DC Comics supervillain. Hush is an enemy and a foil to Batman. Tommy Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, but after Bruce’s parents were murdered, Bruce distanced himself from Tommy. Elliot had some severe mental issues. In the pre-New 52, Tommy Elliot cut the brake lines on his parents’ car, but Dr. Thomas Wayne saved Elliot’s mother’s life. He wanted the inheritance so very badly. Somehow, a grudge manifested against Bruce (Bruce gaining the Wayne family fortune like Tommy wanted his own family’s fortune). The transformation to Hush pitted the two former friends against each other. It actually would be pretty great if Matt Damon played Hush against Ben Affleck‘s Batman.

6. Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Green Lantern has yet to be cast in the DC Extended Universe and there has been no word on which of the Green Lanterns will be used. If they decide to go with Hal Jordan again, Matt Damon would play a great one. Since the last Green Lantern movie sucked, DC and WB are going to have to up everything on portraying Green Lantern on the big screen again. Matt Damon would be the star power to go with, if the Hal Jordan Green Lantern is a go.

5. Black Bolt

black bolt

The Inhumans are the new favorites of the Marvel Universe. The Inhumans have been in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (cartoon), Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (cartoon), Ultimate Spider-Man (cartoon), and they were the center of the “Civil War II” story-line in the comics.

Black Bolt is the king and the leader of the Inhumans.  His voice is destructively hyper-sonic (he can also fly, has limited telepathy, has particle manipulation and other superhuman attributes). His wife and queen Medusa is his interpreter to the others. He is a very serious character. Since the Inhumans seem to be taking the place of the X-Men mutants in the MCU, Black Bolt and the other Inhuman Attilan Royal Family will be cast soon most likely. Damon could pull it off—the strong, silent type.

4. Cable

Deadpool & Cable

The next Deadpool movie will have Cable, also known as Nathan Summers, in it. Cable is a mutant cyborg super-soldier from the future. He’s the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey (Phoenix). Cable and Deadpool had an extremely popular comic run as Marvel’s odd couple so to speak. Deadpool considers Cable his best friend or something close like that. Cable is a walking storm of angst. Damon could play the serious Cable (though he would have to bulk up) against the insanity of Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool.

3. Shazam


Since there is a Shazam movie coming in 2019, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as super-villain Black Adam, the role of Shazam (the hero, not the wizard) has yet been cast. In the event that the Rock doesn’t wind up playing both Black Adam and Shazam, I think that Damon could do it.

Shazam’s alter ego is the teenage Billy Batson, so Damon will get a chance to act less mature and have fun with the character (if, again, DC and WB go that way with the movie). Damon may not be as physically imposing as the Rock, but I think it might be an interesting match-up.

2. Green Arrow


Stephen Amell does a great job as a young adult Oliver Queen and vigilante Green Arrow on CW’s Arrow, it’s not a stretch to cast a different, older Green Arrow. Green Arrow IS a known member of the Justice League, even though he has no powers of his own (like Batman). Damon could very well play an older Green Arrow, like Affleck plays an older Batman. The DCEU could reasonably have Green Arrow and Batman as allies from back in their heydays, since both Queen and Wayne are filthy rich and used to run in the same social circles. A lot can be done if Damon plays Green Arrow.

1. Green Hornet


Aside from Marvel and DC comic book characters, I think Matt Damon would be a great Green Hornet, if a remake was ever ordered.  Britt Reid, a wealthy publisher, became the Green Hornet and with his friend, Kato, fight crime. Seth Rogen played the most recent Green Hornet, but I think Matt Damon could make it so very awesome.  Green Hornet was a competent hero in the radio show and the comic books.

Even so, my personal favorite choice for Matt Damon to play is the DCEU version of Green Arrow, but Green Hornet needs a reboot movie-wise.  Since more and more actors are going to be needed with all the upcoming superhero movies, the bigger stars should be cast soon.  Damon’s a big enough name that he would draw crowds and he’s a great action star. It would be pretty cool to have Matt Damon in a superhero movie.  What do you think?  Can Damon pull off a comic book character?

Which of these characters do you think Matt could perfect? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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