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REVIEW: Luminous Ages #2

A few months back, I was lucky enough to review the first issue of the new epic fantasy comic, Luminous Ages. Fast forward to today and here I am reviewing issue 2 in the midst of a campaign on Kickstarter to raise enough money to get a new card game released.

The first issue stood out thanks to a fun plot and truly great illustrations by creator Anthony Christou and assistant illustrator Rob C Richardson. This continues into the second issue of the tightly packed continuation. Christou has managed to up the anti from the first issue. Now that the characters and the story have been established, the story has a chance to flow in full force.

There is now an established threat that appears in this issue, one that promises to be a welcome addition to the already hefty line-up. We don’t know much about this character yet, except he’s big, he’s bad and he wants the power that Thrakos, our hero harbours.

With as many characters as the series already has you would imagine that it would be difficult to follow, but Bagshaw manages to fit everything into the second issue, without making it feel too jumbled.

This issue picks up soon after the events of the first. Our hero, as you may recall is in a spot of bother. After disappearing from his fathers land, it is now apparent that he has been captured by someone with undeniable power. His story, as previously mentioned, reflects that of Luke Skywalker. Here in the second act, he has moved past the farm boy upbringing, and it’s now clear that he holds an important part to the rest of the story.

Thrakos is coming to terms with the idea of becoming the saviour of his land. In this issue, he learns more about his mother who he once thought was dead, and more about the mystical world of Oniro where he has allied himself with another powerful being, setting up for future issues.

The action may be light in this issue, but this is still early days for the series. It’s setting the groundwork for something much bigger. Think of this as the second act of Fellowship of the Ring. Our hero has been established, as has the villain, and a wise being that will help the hero realise his potential.

The best thing about the first two issues of the series so far, is that they are good ol’ fashioned hero stories, set in a new fantasy world that readers can get behind. It is clear that everything has been played out, and is slowly being built up over the forthcoming issues.

With its unique illustrations, a fantasy world with no limits and characters harping back to that of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, Luminous Ages is fast becoming a must read comic series. The dedication to making such an epic comic, and expanding the world into a card game highlights the passion the team have with making it a success.

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