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PODCAST I Geek Chorus Episode 34: Batman 66 Returns!

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Holy nostalgia trip, Batman! The 1966 Batman television series is beloved by fans for its campy fun, cornball humor, bombastic villains, and the legendary performance of Adam West. Rob and Matt of The Geek Chorus love the kitschy old show, and made it priority one to see it return at this year’s New York Comic Con. Realizing that the beloved stars of the classic are still around and raring to return to their famous roles, DC Home Entertainment wisely green lit an animated adaptation of the 1966-1968 pop culture landmark, with its world premiere falling on the first day of New York’s biggest geek gathering. Rob and Matt braved the long lines and joined a packed house to enjoy a panel featuring Adam West as well as the film’s director, writer, and producer. The movie then played to an audience that laughed and shook their heads at one of the most fun love letters to a bygone era anyone has ever put on film. The Geek Chorus nerd team breaks down the film, how well the old veterans return to their roles, and what made the show so much damn, while totally fanboying over who’s been cast to play the villain in the already in-production sequel. Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed! We”re ready to move out on this episode of the Geek Chorus!

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