Bingo, Superhero Dash And Other Great Superhero Party Games

Party games aren’t just for kids and superhero enthusiasts can bring these party games to their next gathering. Grab your cape and get ready to play with some awesome superhero themed games that even Batman would enjoy!

Spiderman Shooters

Put your hand up if you’ve ever pretended to be Spider-Man with a can of silly string? Go on, tell the truth. This game will have you pitting yourself against a team of deadly supervillains with their own silly string, think Spider-Man vs Carnage. Split your players into heroes and villains, then give each group a different colour of string.

You’ll need an impartial referee for this one, so choose someone that’s lawful good! They’ll be in charge of deciding which team wins by assessing which of the two teams are more covered in that silly string. This is best done with contrasting colours like red and blue, so you can easily see which party members have been hit by friendly fire.

Make sure you have some awesome prizes on offer for after the game, as this will make the game much more exciting. Comics, movies or merch all make for prizes that anyone would want to play for.

Superhero Bingo

There’s nothing better than rewatching some cheesy 90s cartoons and the superhero genre is rife with them. Some old fashioned Batman or even the Justice League will allow you the chance to play some Superhero Bingo. Just print off a blank bingo grid and fill it with those tropes that we see so often in these cartoons, like costume changes or angsty protagonists.

There are loads of new bingo sites 2017 that offer some interesting twists on the classic games. New sites with original ideas can have branded bingo games and superhero slot games too. Check out these bingo sites if you want to take your love of superheroes to another level.

Phone Booth Change Challenge

What would Superman be without that classic change in a phone booth? Although these booths are becoming less common thanks to mobile phones, you can still create your own and play a great game with them. Just get a big box, with plenty of space inside for your player and paint it if you choose.

Then, you will need to give your heroes a few props to change into. Before they go in, you’ll want to give them a hat, tie and glasses a la Clark Kent. While in the phone booth, the players will need to get rid of their mild mannered guise and change into a cape, mask and boots. Get two players to do this at the same time and reward whoever comes out first in full regalia.

If this seems a bit too easy for your participants then you can add in an obstacle course element. When they come out of the booth, set up a course that they have to make their way around before they win their prize. You could place villains in their way or have them rescue damsels in distress against the clock.

Pair these party games with some super food if you want to really up the ante on your party and get the adults acting like kids once more. Let your inner child out and commit to these games for all the fun you need.

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