PodCapers Ep. 18: Road to Spider-Man Homecoming with The Jock and Nerd Podcast

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This week, Scott and David are joined by two long time friends of AP2HYC, Anthony and Imran a.k.a. The Jock and Nerd! And they’re talking about a big topic, the film rights of Spider-Man! Listen as they discuss the dreaded Cannon films, the absurd James Cameron “scriptment”, the good then great then crap Raimi films, and the less said about Amazing Spider-Man the better.

Check out the Jock and Nerd here! Also read James Cameron’s scriptment. It’s…it’s something alright.


Intro to the Jock and Nerd – 01:10

Cannon Films – 10:30

Carolco – 13:40

James Cameron – 20:05

Columbia vs MGM – 27:08

Raimi’s Spider-Man – 33:40

Scott vs the BBFC – 51:34

Spider-Man 2 – 1:00:05

Spider-Man 3 – 1:08:40

Spider-Man 4 & 5 – 1:12:54

Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man – 1:16:35

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – 1:26:56

The MCU – 1:35:40

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