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Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #3 Hints at Emotional Struggles for Peter

Finally, here we go. The third Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer asks the tough questions no Marvel film has dared to ask: has Spider-Man ever been considered intimidating? Can someone be taken seriously while jumping on a bed? Is proving yourself to your idol worth skipping a Spanish quiz? The third trailer regurgitates a lot of the old, but offers up Peter Parker petering out on patience and that oh so elusive Donald Glover.

With the new trailer, comes new understanding on why Peter Parker is so frustrated with Mr. Stark. Forget New York City, Peter’s got his eye on a shinier apple – the universe. He wants to swing past the origin story and become a full-fledged avenger. Though, to do that, he has to go through Tony Stark’s training wheel program. Aiding Spidey during his probation period is his fancy new suit. And Stark technology is equipped with five hundred seventy six web slinging options. Somewhere in the world, Toby Maguire is so bitter, remembering his days of mastering that one perfect web slinging pose. Considering Tom Holland is younger than other incarnations of Spider-Man, it makes sense he’d get swept away in the flash and glamour. In essence, actually act like an immature teenager in between helping old women and crashing slumber parties.

Personally, after seeing five films of a Spider-Man kicking ass in his normal spandex suit, it doesn’t pack the emotional punch Spider-Man: Homecoming wants to land when Stark strips Peter of the suit. That’s troubling seeing as how that emotional conflict of Peter wanting to prove himself to Tony seems to be a bulk of the film. Of course, like the stereotypical teenager he can be, it looks as if Peter’s rebelling. In the last scene of the trailer, he and best friend Ned are in a hotel room, trying to hack into Stark’s computer system. Who knows what they’re doing in a hotel in the first place. Perhaps Uncle Ben wasn’t around long enough to teach Peter that training wheels eventually come off.

Meanwhile, Michael Keaton as Vulture continues spouting his new catchphrase. Just because you say things are changing more than once, doesn’t make it true Keaton. In fact, audiences don’t learn any new information about him. This trailer is fully about Peter Parker doing Spider-Man things. He tries to confront possible criminal (but more likely miscreant) Glover, to no avail. Peter Parker looks like he actually attends his school’s homecoming dance, delivering on the title of the film. He has no time for that tie!

Unfortunately, the new trailer doesn’t bring a great deal of new footage to the table. Or screen, I should say. Spider-Man climbs on national monuments; he squares off with Vulture; he mistakenly hugs Tony. It’s understandable with Homecoming almost a month away, filmmakers don’t want to give away too much. However, from all three of the trailers, it feels like Homecoming won’t have too many surprises for audiences. Peter Parker is adorkable and wants to be a superhero. Tony Stark says no; hilarity resumes. Then, by the end, he and Iron Man will fly off into the sunset and next film together.

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