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Pix is a Delightful Throwback to Youthful Adventure

Looking for a fun superhero comic book for all ages, than Pix is the perfect graphic novel for you. Filled with adventure, humour, and magic Pix is a throwback to a simpler more fun age of comics and will delight anyone looking for a breezy, wild adventure.

Pix is a teenage girl who has discovered she is half fairy. After saving a school bus with her powers she is becoming somewhat of a celebrity and starting down the path to being a superhero. This volume of the series follows her during her last weekend of spring break and the weird adventures she finds herself thrust into while also dealing with the typical life of a teenager.


The artwork by Gregg Schigiel reminds me of Archie comics before the relaunch was done in 2015. There is a charm to the artwork that calls back to simpler times in comics before they went dark in the 80s. This is a vibrant book with wonderful colouring that bring to mind a simpler more all ages friendly comic book. While this is a book you can let your children read, I do not see it as a kids book only and believe anyone who likes this type of comic book will love it.

One of the best things too about Pix is the writing of the characters. I believe that writing for teenage and kid characters can be hard and one can end up making them sound fake or like an adult is really talking. But I think Schigiel has done a wonderful job with this cast and they seem like real teenagers. My favourite part of this book is the relationship between the characters especially those between Pix and her friends and her relationship with the boy who lives next door to her that she babysits. There is also a great scene where Pix goes on a date and anybody who has been on a bad date will certainly sympathise with her. Of course this being a world of fairies and magic in ends with a fight when her date becomes a dragon, but I think people can relate to this as well and feel this is what their date is like when he/she is an egotistical jerk.

One thing I think could be stronger was the story line involving Pix’s friend Seth. It is a typical male friend loves a female friend and struggles with how to tell her his feelings. Of course during this misunderstandings and bad timing get in the way of Seth telling Pix how he feels for her. Now this is just the first volume of this series and there is still time to develop this story line and do something surprising with it but right now it feels stale and is the weakest link in the novel.

While Pix is nothing groundbreaking it is a fun adventure and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It will not change your life or show you something about the world but it is a delightful time and a return to a simpler more classic times in comic books. I can not wait to see where Pix’s story goes next.

If you are interested in checking out Pix you can buy it here. If you have read Pix what do you think?  Let us know in the comments below and/or on twitter.

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