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PodCapers Ep. 22: NPC Tea with Sarah Millman

NPC Tea: Volume 1 is now available on Kickstarter! Get all 8 issues collected for the first time. Visit Kickstarter for more details and pre-order your copy today.

Once again, we’re talking about comics! Scott is joined by Sarah Millman as they talk about her comic, NPC Tea. They discuss her inspiration for the comic, Wales, her Kickstarter, and M. Night Shyamalan. Warning, they get side tracked. A lot.

Make sure to check out Sarah’s Kickstarter, Patreon, and website where you can find NPC Tea and her other work!

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Sarah Millman, Wales, and NPC Tea – 01:45

The Non-Player Characters – 12:06

Inspiration and Kickstarter – 25:34

Influences, Dolphins, and Comics – 39:50

Art Style – 1:00:20

Scott Attempts to Rap – 1:20:53

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