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Top 6 Game of Thrones Spin-Off Ideas

Everyone knows winter is coming, on July 16th to be exact. But what happens after winter is officially over? The arguably jolliest-looking mass murderer George R.R. Martin and his unrelenting blood lust will live another season in Game of Thrones spin-offs. As of now, Martin is in negotiations with HBO to develop five potential shows to build on the dynamic world birthed in A Song of Ice and Fire. Unfortunately for some, these new shows would not revolve around existing characters or specific events. Those who were hoping to see Robert’s Rebellion first-hand or where exactly Gendry has been rowing for the past several seasons will have to drown their sorrows in hopefully not poisoned wine.

However, for those disheartened, take comfort in that there could potentially be five new opportunities to explore unseen parts of the Game of Thrones world, dive deeper into Westeros and its rich history, and fall madly in love with new, complicated and exciting characters only for Martin to slaughter them in the most heartwrenching and gruesome fashion. Until more is revealed, here are the top six ideas for potential Game of Thrones spin-offs.

6. Dorne – The Early Years


Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss really shit the bed when it came to the majestic land that is Dorne. They had a fantastic set-up to Dorne in season four with the introduction of the electric Oberlyn Martell. The season five plot where Jamie swoops into Dorne to save Myrcella from Ellaria Sand’s sweet revenge might be one of the worst plot-lines in the history of the show. It dragged, it was a snore and also ultimately fruitless. It’s a shame Dorne’s beautiful landscape and liberal society was wasted on the show, and soured many fans to exploring it.

Beyond that though, Dorne does have a fascinating and contentious relationship with the other six kingdoms in Westeros. It’s the only land to not take the knee and pledge loyalty to the Iron Throne. After all, the land that treated fans to the Red Viper surely can’t be all bad. Plus, this potential spin-off would be an opportunity to further diversify the cast. Let’s face it – the White Walkers are far from being the whitest people in Westeros. As long as Kingslayers stay as far away as possible, a show about Dorne could be head-smashing fun.

5. Brotherhood Without Banners


The story of Robin Hood is a tale seemingly as old as time. A band of merry gents steal or do bad things to the rich to benefit the poor. In Game of Thrones lore, the Brotherhood Without Banners is their version of Robin Hood, with a few discrepancies. Clearly, they’re not above selling their questionable morals if it the end justifies the means. They aren’t seen frequently on the show, but it appears they will help Jon Snow wage the war on the Night’s King in season seven.

One of the main draws of the show is the politicking that naturally comes with war and conquests, but it could be refreshing to see it through the eyes of people not actively involved. The Brotherhood Without Banners could show the group’s origin and their relationship with the common folk of Westeros. You know, the people mostly used for the background.

4. The Travels of Lomas LongStrider

map of got

There’s a lot more to the Song of Ice and Fire world than Westeros and Essos. Who better to follow on a continent hopping adventure than travel writer Lomas Longstrider? A man with a blunt name that didn’t lend the opportunity to pursue alternative career paths, he wrote two famous travel books, one detailing seven natural wonders, and the other  man-made constructs. A show about a traveling writer could showcase new locations, a bountiful supply of new characters and cultures to learn. Additionally, the idea of exploring the creation of a book is already proven fruitful by the Harry Potter franchise. Who could argue with those results?

3. Beyond the Wall

beyond the wall

What lies beyond the wall has been told mostly from two perspectives: Jon Snow/Night’s Watch, and Bran Stark. Lately, it has just been Bran and his gang hiding under a tree, then tailing it back South. While Bran story-lines of season six have been hit or miss, there’s a lot of meat hiding out in the land of eternal winter. After all, the sole point of existence for the Night’s Watch is to protect the realm from anything and everything North. That could entail the beginnings of the Wildlings or even delving into the Three Eyed Raven mythology. Choosing to go beyond the wall for an entire show also blends with another spin-off idea, though it doesn’t heavily involve finding an ice dragon in the Shivering Sea.

2. Filling the Citadel

the citadel

All the knowledge in the known world captured and stored in a colossal library may be a book lover’s paradise. The Citadel was just introduced to Game of Thrones viewers in season six, but it appears Sam Tarly will be the audience’s guide during season seven. Surely Qyburn was not the first of his kind who experimented and essentially tried to be a God. It seems almost every problem that has cropped up in Westeros has a solution buried in a mound of books. But just how exactly did those shelves get filled? This choice falls in line with choice number four, only now, instead of just travel, a spin-off featuring the Citadel would harbour counselling the kingdom and medical practices. Think Scrubs or House in medieval times.

1. The First Men

first men

Ah yes, the original war. The ultimate prequel is the first men crawling from the now labeled Dothraki Sea to Westeros and claiming it as their own. Their war fought with the children of the forest is only the beginning. The show could dip into the dangers above and beyond the wall, as well as the sheer terror the first Long Night. The closing shot of this spin-off has already been written – with one of the first men being turned into the Night’s King. It would tie perfectly back to the original series while also creating a new world, making a spin-off about the first men the best idea for a Game of Thrones spin-off.

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