PodCapers Ep. 33: Bubbles O’Seven with Grainne McEntee

Insert spy/monkey pun here. In anticipation of the release of the fourth Kickstarter for her comic about the simian super spy Bubbles O’Seven, Scott chats with Grainne McEntee about Bubbles, his adventures so far, and his future, as well as a host of other topics such as James Bond, the portrayal of animals in the media, and…well…monkey love. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

Check out other Bubbles O’Seven comics while you wait for the new Kickstarter, premiering on the 7th of October 2017.

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Intro to Grainne, James Bond, and Apes and Capes – 01:25

Birth of Bubbles, Characters, and Q – 18:50

Kickstarter, Bounce Comics, and Cons  – 39:24


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Scott Meridew