PodCapers Ep. 43: Doctor Who Twice Upon A Time Review with Rob Wallis

Time to say goodbye to Twelve, as the clock strikes Thirteen. Christmas may be over, the New Year has arrived, but there’s one last bit of 2017 left to talk about. As Peter Capaldi takes his final bow as The Doctor, Scott is joined by Rob Wallis as they discuss his last appearance. Is it everything Whovians hoped for? Or is it a load of wibbly wobbly timey wimey rubbish?

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Scott and Rob’s Dr Who, Companions, and Moffat – 02:55

David Bradley, The Doctor of War, and The Brigadier – 20:40

Testimony, Regeneration, and World War One – 44:22

The 1st Doctor, The 12th Doctor, and The 13th Doctor – 59:06

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Scott Meridew