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It’s A Bummer, Man with Void Trip #3

So, it turns out the destination was a bit of a bummer. Euphoria is plagued with a war, one that neither side seems to be digging. A war that is being fought by the robot-slaves humans created because the humans no longer exist. But the biggest downer is there seems to be no froot man.

Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus succeed again in bringing colorful characters to life with Void Trip #3 . The stakes are higher and the ending uncertain as we follow our groovy duo, Ana and Gabe, as they try to navigate the planet Euphoria; a planet, as mentioned earlier, that is currently at war between robot-slaves after their creators went extinct. Meanwhile, the mysterious person tracking Ana and Gabe is even closer to capturing the two. Will our leads manage to escape Euphoria and this tracker?

This issue is probably one of the funniest to come out so far. The hilarity of the situation regarding Euphoria’s war is enough to make anyone laugh. The Sarge has some particularly funny lines as he provides exposition to the group. However, at the same time, Ryan O’Sullivan manages to make this one of the saddest issues of Void Trip. As always, Ryan is a master at creating hooks at the very end of his issues and this one is not only his best but also his most bittersweet. There is additionally plenty of action and tension towards the end of the issue that will certainly leave readers hooked. Without a doubt, this is the best issue of the series so far, even if it is a bit of a downer when compared to the rest.

Likewise, the art is equally superb. Plaid manages to create robots that truly come to life in each panel. For the limited amount of movement they have, the Sarge and his maggots are very expressive and come across as real and multi-dimensional in every panel. The AI companion that has been following Ana and Gabe on their adventures also has some very fun and interesting transformations. In Void Trip #3, the simplest artist choices and designs are the ones that allow the non-human characters to have their personalities shine with every panel. The tension between Ana and Gabe is also very well drawn. You can feel the tension between the two just from their facial and body expressions, all of which is brilliantly placed through the composition of each panel.

So, while this issue may be a total bummer for our heroes, it certainly is not a downer for its readers. Like, where do they go from here ,man? We don’t know, man, we just don’t know. But we do know this far out journey is not over yet and we can’t wait to see where the road takes us. And wherever the open road of space does leads us, we are sure some psychedelic froot won’t be far behind.

Have yourself a froot because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride from here on out. And while you’re at it, share your thoughts on the life and meaning and the universe (Oh yeah, and Void Trip #3) on Facebook or Twitter!

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