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The Trip That’s Totally Far Out Continues With Void Trip #2

It’s not about the destination man, it’s about the journey. Continuing to follow our far out comrades, Ana and Gabe, on their psychedelic journey through space to the froot paradise known as Euphoria, Void Trip #2 offers hilarious drug-inducing fun. Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus once again offer an engaging story with colorful characters.

With a few hostages under their belts, the road trip of a life time goes on. But the froot, a psychedelic drug and the craving of both Ana and Gabe, may be getting to Ana’s head as a Yoda-like hallucination urges her to reach Euphoria. Worrying her expectations will not be met by this groovy paradise, Ana creates useless side adventures for her and her comrades to undergo. But maybe it’s just the froot that’s getting to her. Meanwhile, a mysterious character continues his pursuit of the duo, killing anyone in his path. Will the group be able to reach Euphoria in time?

It is in this issue that we are introduced to two major conflicts and where the protagonist of the series truly shines through. Ana struggles not only with the internal conflict in her reluctance to reach Euphoria, but we also learn the mysterious character that has been pursuing the Ana and Gabe is particularly interested in Ana. While there are still plenty of fun, “buddy comedy” moments between Ana and Gabe, Ryan O’Sullivan does a fantastic job of weaving in the true, relatable struggles that Ana is beginning to face. Does she continue with her nonsensical hijinks to delay their arrival or does she reach Euphoria so Gabe can finally rest despite the fact she may be disappointed by what she finds? It’s a question that propels this issue forward and makes for an interesting plot twist at the end.

The art is equally fantastic to the previous issue. Plaid Klaus does a wonderful job creating unique settings for the individual planets the characters travel to. The emptiness of space is equally gorgeous as readers get a true sense of its scope in just a few panels. The blue and green tones used to express the spirit of Ana and her mentor at the very beginning of the issue are particularly breathtaking. Creatures that they encounter feel unique to their planets and there is overall a greater sense of variety among them.

In summary, this issue does not disappoint and promises readers with a thrilling next issue. Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus are a great duo who know how to execute a story and bring its characters to life on the page, as well as how to leave readers wanting more. With this being only the second issue, Void Trip promises to continue being a fun series and one readers will not want to miss. Definitely check out this groovy adventure. I certainly can’t wait to see what shenanigans happen next with our stoner duo.

Void Trip #2 is available through Image Comics hereDon’t be a downer man and grab your copy today. And, while you’re at it, share your thoughts on peace, love, psychedelic journeys, and Void Trip on Facebook or Twitter!

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