A Quiet Place – The Complete Review

A Quiet Place with its intriguing premise, which is truly essential for any horror movie, coupled with great casting gives the audience the chills they never thought they would get out of a movie, even a horror flick. A movie directed, written, produced by and starring John Krasinski received many accolades from critics who claim the movie to be “wickedly frightening”.

What does the movie behold?

Set in the year 2020, the movie revolves around a family who is under siege by a group of aliens who are characterised by their keen sense of hearing. These aliens who are blind solely depend on their sharp sense of hearing to find and attack anything that has the potential to make noise, even a soft whisper is enough to get them charging.

In the most breath-taking manner, this picture shows how the family is there to protect each other from this mysterious creature and how they outrun it. Certainly, a strong storytelling skill is required for creating such fearful and dreaded atmosphere and to sustain it, John Krasinski knew what he was doing.

The story starts with a mysterious invasion, abandoned streets of upstate New York already run shivers down the spine when an absolutely normal looking family is shown in grocery store, by the way, all the five-member Krasinski who plays the father, Emily Blunt plays the wife (she is Krasinski’s real-life wife too), and their three children are seen barefoot the entire in the movie and they have to communicate through sign language. Slowly as the plot thickens the sight of the scary looking creatures makes it clear of the unusual behaviour of the family. All is well until Cade Woodward their younger son manages to put batteries in his toy and starts to play with it only to attract the attention of the ugly monsters that have come from above. Once the aliens seem to have got a grip on the family it seems impossible for them to steer clear of the aliens only to land up in an encounter with them repeatedly.

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Though some parts don’t make so much of sense such as what has happened to the rest of the world, how did the military forces, with their nuclear weapons and the latest equipment, manage to get defeated? How come the sounds of nature isn’t alluring or tantalizing them, while the sound of an aeroplane toy is. With minimum dialogues, the task at hand for the cast was a tough one but they seem to have managed it well.

Some USPs

All the qualities required for a horror flick to be a blockbuster is there in this film, right from an ugly looking creature, to a scary concept where even the drop of a pin can get the aliens charging at you, and even the lead characters who were expressive. This whole package makes A Quiet Place a definite box-office super hit. This movie is certainly something that you should enjoy either alone or with a friend of minimum words; you wouldn’t want to miss out on even one screen here.

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