Marvel has Seven Movies Planned Already after Infinity War 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge one with unfathomable depths and uncountable crazy fan theories. As the studio gears up for the Avengers Saga culminating at the end of contracts for Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth, speculations are rife that the as-yet untitled Avengers 4 might as well be the last flick to feature Captain America and Iron Man, and Thor in the series, each of them already having three movies of their own. And while the fans will be bidding them adieu with a heavy heart, the studio is all set to bring new surprises to them, having already planned at least seven movies that are on the list of probable to be released after Avengers 4.

Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man revived the old character with a new impish charm of young boyhood. While the story of Peter remains the same, the tragedy of his story has not yet surfaced in the new reboot. As the case has been with the previous movies of the franchise, a sequel is much expected and anticipated.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

The adventures of Peter Quill (Star-Lord) are here to stay with a second sequel to the Guardians franchise being planned. The Guardians are played a pivotal role Infinity War, teaming up with a one-eyed Thor who landed on their spaceship. What transpires next will be interesting to see in the Avengers series. But the fans would like to see more from the Guardians, especially the backstory of Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

Captain America 4

With Chris Evans ready to hang his boots, the prospect of a fourth movie in the series seems bleak. But with the return of Bucky and a worthy Falcon, the position of Captain can still be kept in prospect and one of these could be the potential successor to the shield in the fourth instalment of the Captain America series.

Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange worked towards spicing up the setting of the discovery of the Infinity Stones, bringing on the table the concept of multiverses and distinctly different multi-dimensions. With the latest entry of Benedict Cumberbatch to the revered MCU, things are looking swell with a new fan base being garnered due to Cumberbatch’s mass appeal.

Black Panther 2

The first solo Black Panther movie got a great response and applause from the audience, not to mention smashing box office records. The movie was also significant in portraying a solo black superhero for the first time in the history of MCU adventures. With all love that the movie got, a sequel is surely expected.

Spider-Man 3

A Spider-Man saga has always been three movies long (or at least planned that way). And this is precisely why we won’t just settle for one sequel. A second sequel to Homecoming is predicted to be in the pipeline of planning featuring Spidey taking on new adventures in a more mature manner.

Black Widow

The fans have always wanted a solo Black Widow movie and after the exit of the old Avengers, it is very likely that their wish will be granted with the dark secrets of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow finally being revealed.

With all these movies on the table, it has been ensured that the excitement won’t be dying out any time soon in the MCU and there would still be a lot to look forward to long after the Avengers are gone. Amid watching these movies, you can also try playing mobile casino games on Spinzwin online casino. Meet the Marvel characters in these releases and have fun all the way!

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