PodCapers Ep. 63: Deadpool 2 Review with Matt Delhauer (Full Spoilers)

The long awaited sequel to the Merc with the Mouth’s cinematic opus is finally here! Is it as good as we dared to dream it would be? Join Scott and the Ginger Geek himself, Matt Delhauer, as they analyse what might possibly be the most intellectual superhero film ever made. I mean, it has classical music, a fancy mansion, and a pen hidden in… well, you’ll find out where the pen was hidden.

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Intro to Matt, Refrigerators, and Easter Eggs – 04:00

Cable, Russell, and X Force – 27:53

Juggernaut, ♫ Holy Shitballs ♫, and Stakes – 55:00

Fox, Comcast, and Final Thoughts – 1:17:00

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