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Superheroes Setting New Gaming Standards

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a superhero movie with the latest graphics, new moves and brilliant new powers that changes the way we look at our heroes. Sure, these might be fictional characters for the most part, but they introduce creativity into our lives, allow us to think outside the box and of course, debate with our friends about who the best heroes are.

With each major superhero movie, we’ve seen many companies jump into action and create everything from collectables through to games based on the latest release. Some companies even take it further and release these items before the movie, creating a build-up, which all by itself can become quite interesting and exciting.

When it comes to online casinos and gaming software, it’s no different. Some game creators would jump the gun and hope that their graphics and features match up with the features of the film while others choose to wait, use the film and release a breath-taking game variation of the movie. Both of these aspects have their benefits, but why are these hero themes so important and do they actually provide an advantage for the player?

We’ll, that’s what we’re looking at with this article while also checking out what makes these games different and why players tend to choose superhero/comic book/blockbuster themes more than other games.

What Sets Superhero Themes Apart?

Since superheroes are imaginary for the most part, it allows the creators to think outside the box and truly create characters that are amazing in all possible ways. Of course, there’s some limit to this fact as it still need to remain within certain limits that adds a touch of realism to the story and who the character is. On top of that, the characters need to be created, add a whole new edge of graphics and possibilities to the world of comic book and hero themes.

Each aspect of this needs to be considered when a game developer puts together a new superhero or comic book theme as it has to include the fundamentals of that character. Those who’ve played many online slots might have come across a few titles that don’t relate to the character or the story whatsoever, which ends up being a disappointment in terms and graphics, features and authenticity.

On the other hand, you get developers to sometimes take months to release a hero or comic book slot, but when it’s done, it perfectly features the character, movie or book it’s based on. Not only does the game offer excellent opportunities relating to bonuses, but it’s entertaining to play, even during those spins where no combinations activate. Thus, it combines what casino games have become, it entertains, gets players excited to return and offers an experience no other slot can provide.

Best Superhero Slot Developers and Games

As with all themes, game styles and features, there are certain developers that put in more effort than any others and therefore create the games that really standout and impress with incredible opportunities.

These developers don’t just provide exciting themes with animations and powerful graphics, but they’ve taken the time to recreate the heroes and represent them in a way that fans would be able to relate. The bonus features include their powers, what they are capable of and sometimes even include the enemy in a bonus battle way to introduce even more action-packing gaming opportunities.

While most developers follow the tales of existing heroes, many have taken the steps to creating their own superheroes, which presents a whole new world of opportunities, features and exciting rewards. Below, we look at all the best hero and comic book slots that’s currently available:

Jack Hammer from NetEnt is available in two versions, the other being Jack Hammer 2. These games offer a unique gaming experience with a comic book tale that’s not related to any specific movie characters or known comic books. Therefore, both games are entertaining on a whole new level, especially since the developers starts off by giving players a breakdown of what the series is about and what the goal is, which by the way plays out during bonus features. Both slots include interesting game enhancements, including sticky wins that allows you to create extensive combinations with re-spins that only end when symbols don’t extend the combination or create a new win.

Justice League by Playtech is one of the most popular superhero games, which is based on DC Comics’ characters. Released in 2017, the slot introduces hero fans to a game that has it all, including multiple heroes such as the modern Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and more. Of course, the game offers a large selection of bonus features, relating to each character during the main game and intruding other special bonuses such as free spins. Playtech is known for offering super hero slots and have therefore taken the time to create an interesting range of features to perfectly represent each of the heroes.

South Park Reel Chaos is another exciting superhero-themed slot from the NetEnt development team, which quite clearly represents the boys from South Park, but instead of just their regular characters, you’ll get to meet the hero versions of themselves. The developer includes 20 fixed paylines along with the exact same graphics we’ve seen with the actual series. Therefore, it automatically gives South Park fans a reason to get excited, but the real treat comes in with bonus features. During the standard game, up to four random bonuses can form part of your winnings as any of the heroes could appear and reward multipliers, additional wilds, stacked wilds and even re-spin multipliers. The free spin bonus game has these 4th grade heroes need to compete with their enemies during an unlimited amount of free spins and multipliers. The feature only ends if your hero is defeated.

There are many other brilliant comic and hero themed slots out there from all types of developers. The above mentioned games are simply some of our favorites and most recommended as they provide unique features, truly include the characters with the bonus features and provide an excellent experience.


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