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PodCapers Ep. 86: The Transformers Film Franchise

With Bumblebee looming over the horizon like the sun chasing away the monstrosities that lurk in the shadows of the night, it makes sense to talk about said monstrosities as a reminder of what happens when you mess up a concept as simple as Transformers. Aided by Transformers megafan Mark Russell, Scott is going to try and find out where exactly the Bayformers saga went wrong. Aside from being made in the first place that is.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal.


Brand recognition, Michael Bay, and Megan Fox – 5:06

The Positives of Transformers, Lazy Filmmaking, and Racism – 37:27

Conspiracies, Inappropriate Relationships, and Final Thoughts – 54:04

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Scott Meridew