PodCapers Ep. 97: Hawk of New York with Randyl Bishop

Move over Falcon of London, the Hawk of New York is here! Scott is joined by musician, animator, and comic creator Randyl Bishop to talk about his HoNY comic, as well as his various other works. They talk about his other comics, music, and the bizarre world of Silver Surf City. And it is truly bizarre. You have no idea. Don’t try and guess what it’s about because you can’t. Don’t even try. THERE’S A WHALE IN A KILT!!! *Ahem* Sorry.

Check out Randyl’s work and his Patreon!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal.


07:35: Randyl’s Music, Randyl’s Comics, and Tributes

24:15: Hawk of New York, Meeting your Heroes, and Music Videos

52:00: Collaborations, Cons, and Final Thoughts

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