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Fearscape #4 Continues With the Comic’s Riveting Twists and Turns

When we last left our protagonist Henry Henry, things seemed to have taken a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, events don’t transpire as well as we’d hope in Fearscape #4. Dear Reader, it seems as though things will continue to spiral out of control.

After Henry Henry has done an unspeakable act, he further falls into a string of lies as he attempts to navigate his way through the Fearscape and somehow come out of this alive. Meanwhile, Jill is slowly putting the pieces together of what Henry Henry is up to and makes an unlikely ally.

Once again, Ryan O’Sullivan manages to craft such an exquisite story that continues to throw the reader in for a loop. It is both frustrating and hilarious just how Henry Henry is able to weasel his way out of every situation he comes across. What’s even more frustrating (and funny) is how every character seems to believe him. Of course, Henry continues to talk to the reader, to persuade us into thinking he is completely in the right. And you, as the reader, are forced to watch him thwart every challenge that comes his way and just hope to God Jill comes up with something clever.

The art picks up a notch in this issue as well. As the world of reality and the world of the Fearscape continue to clash with one another, the two worlds begin to blend. The artwork also has a lucid flow to it, adding to the dreamlike state of the story.

This read continues to be a fascinating one as we travel further into the lore of the Fearscape. O’Sullivan has truly crafted something special here, giving readers the Alice in Wonderland surrealism feel with a character that is just so unlikeable. And yet, you can’t help but to be drawn to this story because you just so desperately want things to work out, and not in Henry Henry’s favour. It’s an engrossing read that has taken us on quite the journey.

There really is nothing like this comic, it gives you all the more reason to read. It truly is unique, despite the homages and lore surrounding basic storytelling. We cannot recommend this comic enough and we certainly can’t wait to see where this story takes us in issue #5.

You can order Fearscape #4 through Vault Comics, as well as the collected TPB of Vol. 1. Be sure to grab your copy today! If you’ve liked what you read, be sure to let us know in the comments below or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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