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Marvel Marathons and #LiveForAnother: In Conversation with Dillon Hill, Co-Founder of One List One Life

One List One Life is an outfit dedicated to helping people living with cancer a chance to tick off numerous life events on their bucket list. The team are on a mission to crowdfund money to achieve bucket lists of those taking part. The outfit documents their achievements with videos and releasing them to the world, hoping to raise awareness and funds for that particular person.

We caught up with one of its founders, Dillon Hill, to talk about Lexi’s bucket list, which involves plenty of Marvel goodness, including binge-watching the MCU and meeting her favourite MCU actors!

A Place To Hang Your Cape: What is One List One Life all about?

Dillon Hill: One List One Life is a video series following two guys as we try and help make bucket list dreams possible for cancer patients. It’s about using the power of the internet to inspire our community to be better people in the pursuit of helping others! Our motto is #LiveForAnother, which has two meanings. #LiveForAnother person, which means trying your best to be a good person to those around you! Whether it’s a stranger or your family, we’re all in this roller-coaster together. The other meaning is #LiveForAnother day – life is tough, it’s okay to be upset but always try your best to keep your head up. We try and convey all of those things in our videos, with the backdrop being our attempt to help cancer patients!

AP2HYC: How did Lexi join the project?

Hill: We saw a photo of Lexi on Reddit. She had a big bald head from the worst of her chemo, yet still had a giant smile on her face! I messaged her and asked her if she had a bucket list. She didn’t, but we worked together to create one. We then got to work to surprise her with things like getting smothered in a pile of puppies or meeting a cheetah.

AP2HYC: What’s the journey been like with Lexi so far?

Hill: We’ve gone from strangers over the internet to close friends texting each other memes. It’s been incredible to be able to make these magical moments possible for her. Though, I think my favourite part is the fact that our community has been able to be a part of this – looking at our videos as a whole you can almost see the grand story unfold, and strangers from across the world have helped make it possible.

AP2HYC: How are Lexi’s Marvel-themed goals doing?

Hill: Back in August Clay and I watched ALL 19 Marvel movies in one livestream, it was 48 hours long and we hoped to be able to raise enough awareness to help her meet a Marvel actor. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out but we kept trying! More recently, we bought an ENTIRE movie theatre so that cancer patients could watch Avengers: Endgame for free. This was another attempt to raise enough awareness to help Lexi cross #4 from her bucket list, but no luck yet.

AP2HYC: One of the goals on her list is to meet any Marvel actor. Is there any Marvel actor in particular she’d like to meet?

Hill: Her favourite Avenger is Thor (Chris Hemsworth), but she also loves Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Spider Man (Tom Holland)!

AP2HYC: Does she have a favourite Marvel film?

Hill: Pretty sure it is Thor: Ragnarok but we haven’t talked much about Avengers: Endgame yet.

AP2HYC: There’s plenty of activities already crossed off of Lexi’s bucket list. Has this been a rewarding journey for everyone involved so far?

Hill: It’s one thing to see all these heartwarming stories of large organisations helping cancer patients, but I don’t have the vocabulary to be able to explain how incredible this experience has been. We’re literally two college dropouts, but yet we’ve been able to do this for someone. It’s magical. It’s also really incredible to see how our videos have inspired some community members to make change in their lives – it makes us feel important.

AP2HYC: How can people contribute to making Lexi’s bucket list achievable?

Hill: For any particular bucket list item, we face two roadblocks. Some things require a larger community, like raising enough awareness to Meet a Marvel Actor. People can head on over to our website www.onelistonelife.com and ‘Join the Movement’ to be a part of our community!

Other things, like visiting Hawaii, are huge financial obstacles. We are entirely crowdfunded, so if people want to help BIG time, they can go to our website and click ‘Support the Movement’ to become a Bucketeer, which is a monthly donor with some special perks 😉

Have you contributed to Lexi’s bucket list? Let us know in the comments section or send us a Tweet!

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