Believe in Goodness: How Do Fictional Superheroes Inform Us on Loyalty

The popularity of comics, cartoons, and movies with superheroes is exceptionally high today. People from all across the globe, both children and adults, are enjoying watching movies and reading books about people with superhuman powers. What do these films teach us?

It is fair to say that such movies inform us about how to become our better selves. Superheroes are embodiments of the best qualities inherent in men. They are kind and patient, honest and just, selfless and courageous.

From books and movies, these characters are informing us of some of life’s most important terms, and loyalty is one of them.

But before delving into the main lessons we get from the movies and comics, let’s first pay a very important tribute.

Real-Life Superheroes

One of the not so common lessons taught by comics is that a person doesn’t necessarily need to have powers to be a superhuman. Many famous characters don’t have any special powers. For example, Iron Man and Batman both use technology to be heroes, and this means that anyone can become one.

In real life, there are also many superheroes, although in this case, the term has a slightly different meaning. In every corner of the world, there are people driven by the same motives and goals.

Doctors, firefighters, police officers, soldiers, lifesavers, teachers, and even those people you buy an essay from in the last moment before the deadline. Who are they?

They are real-life examples of real heroes. All these people share the same values and morals as fictional characters. They are saving our lives and strive to make the real world slightly better.

Now, let’s get back to other lessons.

Superheroes and Loyalty

These fictional characters can teach us plenty of vital life lessons. They are reliable and compassionate. They show perseverance, courage, honesty, and justice. However, one of the most significant positive traits inherent in every superhero is probably loyalty.

How do they inform us about it? Here are some of the most evident manifestations of loyalty shown in books and movies:

Devotion to the Country

We can clearly see how each character remains loyal to his or her native environment in any situation. Although their mission is to protect humanity, they, first of all, focus on protecting their native lands, which indicates genuine loyalty to their countries.

Captain America, Batman, Fantastic Four, Black Panther, and many other characters remain loyal to their country and nation, fighting for their interests and protecting them from external threats.
Loyalty to Friends

Another case in which fictional characters demonstrate commitment is friendship.

Friendship and the superhero themes are closely tied up. Throughout numerous books and movies, we can observe different characters building their relationships, going through multiple ups and downs, but still managing to get past innumerable obstacles and save the strong bonds of friendship.

Some of the most prominent examples of real friendship are Batman and Superman. These two characters really seem to have an exceptional bond, despite all the issues that come along their way.

Similarly to them, Captain America and Falcon also survived the breaking point in their friendship. Although Sam Wilson was manipulated by a villain and threatened humanity, Cap never gave up on his friend and helped him get through these issues.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that many superheroes are team players. Although they are all different, they often team up in the fight against a common enemy. Regardless of various disagreements and controversies, they maintain close relationships and are always ready to come to their friends’ rescue.

Loyalty to Humanity

All superheroes serve a higher purpose. The main goal of each is to protect people all around the world, combating daily crime and villains. These characters always put interests of humanity above all, and this is another way how they inform us of loyalty.

In comics, books, and movies, we can find thousands of examples when our favorite characters demonstrated the highest degree of self-sacrifice for the sake of peace on Earth and the happiness of humanity.

A clear example of loyalty to humanity is shown in the most recent film Avengers: Endgame, released in 2019. The plot of the movie was written based on Marvel Comics, and it is the final chapter of the Infinity War of the Avengers and Thanos.

In the film, Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, demonstrates the highest degree of selflessness by sacrificing his life to combat the villain and bring half of the Earth’s population back to life.

Final Words

What does being a superhuman mean to you? Most people would say – being strong, just, and loyal. These characters demonstrate to us the best qualities a human may have.

At the same time, most authors add a good deal of humanity to their characters. They may have powers and unbelievable strength.

However, they are still pictured as regular humans. They are not flawless; many do make mistakes, just like each of us. What makes them special are their strong beliefs and high moral values.

That’s what allows them to teach us many valuable lessons on loyalty, honesty, honor, friendship, self-sacrifice, altruism, justice, selflessness, and much more!

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