Great Ways to Earn Gold in World of Warcraft Classic

Leveling up your character is not only the concern of the WoW Classic players. The community is also aiming to make a substantial amount of gold since it enables you to purchase luxury items. Compared to the retail WoW, the Classic version of the game stress more importance on managing your finances. Since it requires more effort to earn gold and your expenses will always be greater compared to what you will generate passively. One thing that takes a significant chunk of your WoW Classic gold is the mount. At level 40 a good mount will cost 100 gold, meanwhile, the more agile ones will cost you over 1000 gold.

To provide the best means of earning gold. In this article, we will have a comprehensive look at the profitable professions that will require little time and effort.


Professions play a critical role in WOW Classic as a means of providing much-needed items and making gold for the endgame. Therefore, we will recommend you to take up professions as early and as quickly as possible to enjoy the game.

If you aim to earn some extra gold then we will suggest you take a look into gathering professions Skinning, Herbalism, and Mining. Since they are amongst the easiest and quickest way to make money.

What to pick?

If you also need help on which to pick then we are here for you. In Skinning, you will have the advantage of establishing your own resources by eliminating your foes. Meanwhile, you will have to search for herbs and mining nodes. One can also get into crafting but keep in mind it will command in an exclusive role like Alchemy and Blacksmithing.

Most of the above-mentioned professions are good choices if your focus is to level up. Since all you need to do is collect resources which don’t take much time and can be sold later on. The auction house will get you more money for high-level items. Meanwhile, we will recommend you to use vendors for low-tier items since they will provide you instant gold, which won’t be a lot but will be worth it.

Should you take up crafting?

In crafting, there are multiple options for making money. Since you earn gold by either creating in-game items or by offering services that are rare but they will require plenty of resources and time. Therefore, we recommend you to pick up gathering professions at early levels and then switch after crossing level 60 so that you have plenty of savings in the bank to take up high-quality professions like Enchanting or Engineering since they require heavy investment.

You should not put all of your effort on the major professions. The wise choice will be to also look for some good secondary professions. Since the game will require you to take up three extra ones. The best secondary one will be fishing since all it requires is a rod and won’t take much of an effort. Finally, if you just need that boost of extra gold in your coffers, you can always purchase it on websites like Eldorado.gg at the lowest prices in the market.

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