A Creative Essay: 10 True Historical Superheroes Worth Admiring

Probably every student knows that a good essay should contain vivid examples from real life, history, or literature that support the paper’s main idea. Often, coming up with the right examples for an essay is hard, especially if you are not well-versed in history.

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Yet, the truth is there are plenty of outstanding real-life superheroes to choose from when preparing any assignment. These people must be admired and including any of them in your creative essay – if you decided to prepare the paper yourself – can make a great example to support your thoughts.

Who are those true historical superheroes, whose stories deserve attention? In the list below, we present our top picks of real heroes worth admiring.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King is truly one of those people who have changed the flow of history. This American minister and activist has inspired and motivated millions of people. He stood for civil rights and has always strived to make our world a better place.

Throughout his life, he never stopped fighting for people and their rights. Isn’t it exactly what superheroes do?

Stephen Hawking

Without a doubt, Stephen Hawking is a cult personality in the history of mankind. Although he was suffering from a terrible motor neuron disease, Stephen never stopped defying his physical and other boundaries.

Despite his tough physical condition, Stephen Hawking made a huge contribution to the world of science.

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi is one of the key people not only in the history of his home country, India. His name is known all over the world. Being a famous activist, he led a successful campaign to fight for the Independence of his people.

Gandhi’s position has inspired numerous movements for freedom and human rights all across the globe. So, it is fair to say that he really played a significant role in making our world a better place.

Rosa Parks

Many people are well familiar with Parks’ story. In the 1950s, she played a key role in sparking up the movement for equality and civil rights.

Not only Rosa was arrested for not giving up a seat on a bus to a white man, but she also lost her job, received numerous threats, and lived in a hell on Earth.

Rosa Parks gave up her life to start a big fight against inequality, which makes her a real superhero!

William Shakespeare

One of the world’s most famous writers, William Shakespeare, can be definitely called a true superhero. It is hard to undervalue the contribution he has made into the development of our world and culture.

The works of this famous writer have basically shaped our language and helped it develop. Besides, in his works, William never failed to capture the reality of human nature, which is why his works remain topical even today.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a real hero of today. His projects are inspiring and bold, while the contribution to the development of technology is simply unmeasurable!

Today, it seems like Elon Musk has just started leaving his footprint in history. He never stops to introduce innovational ideas, and we can’t wait to see what else he has prepared for us.

Kyle Carpenter

What are the must-have qualities for a superhero? Most would say it is bravery, loyalty, and self-sacrifice. All these qualities have shown Kyle Carpenter during a tour of Afghanistan. In 2010, Kyle threw his body onto a hand grenade to protect his friend. After this heroic action, Kyle became the youngest soldier to get the Medal of Honor.

If that’s isn’t a clear image of a real-life superhero, then what is?!

Witold Pilecki

Our next hero has experienced all the worst things of the Second World War and the Nazi regime. He was a Polish activist, who spent over two years in one of the worst camps in Auschwitz.

Later on, Witold had escaped and informed British authorities about the reality of Nazi camp, which has changed the flow of the war.

William Wilberforce

Another personality worth admiring is William Wilberforce. Being an English politician and philanthropist, he played the most important role in the abolishment of slavery in 1833.

Wilberforce was actively pro-human rights and fought against slavery. This hero’s fight has succeeded, and the respective legislation has been passed. Unfortunately, William has passed away only a few days after he heard the news about the abolishment.

Mary Wollstonecraft

Nowadays, feminism is a powerful movement that inspires millions of women across the world to raise and speak up for their rights. However, it all has started with this last historic superhero on our list – Mary Wollstonecraft. She was a prominent English philosopher and writer.

Mary was one of the first feminists in history. She was the first woman, brave enough to speak about the change that needs to happen in her book A Vindication of The Rights of Woman.

The Bottom Line: Writing A Creative Essay

Writing an essay is never an easy task. It takes time and skill to organize your thoughts in a proper manner and compose a paper that deserves the highest grade.

Most students struggle with academic writing and find it extremely exhausting. That’s not odd. After all, it is hard to find enough time to cope with dozens of essays when your academic load is hefty, and you already have a pretty busy schedule.

Still, at times, you just can’t get away from writing an essay. That’s when the examples of historical heroes from our list will come in handy to spice up your paper. Mentioning any of these heroes will make it more meaningful, and get you the deserved high grade!

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