The Superhero Obsession: Why Do Students Adore Them?

Throughout history, humans have always been interested in the supernatural and unbelievable. Those phenomena that they could not explain were attributed to superpowers of Gods, superheroes, or other mystic creatures.

With the development of science, people have gotten more and more answers. Nowadays, the superpowers are delegated to fiction heroes from books and comics. People always like something that is beyond possible, and the superhero obsession that is common in students only proves that.

Some of them are so immersed in this superhero theme that they lack time absolutely for everything. For example, the percentage of those students who order custom writing services among superhero fans is as high as it is among those running their own businesses. And the two may be one person!

We all need a fairytale to believe in. However, there is something more behind the global superhero obsession. Let’s try to analyze what makes students so interested in all the extraordinary characters.


By empowering people with something extraordinary, writers and moviemakers try to create a new reality or a whole universe that will be much more interesting than the reality we live in.

The real life offers lots of beautiful stories for romcoms, dramas, and detectives. Still, when it comes to fiction, fantasy and imagination are of utmost importance. This is why supernatural powers and superheroes are a perfect way to get away from unoriginality.

New Knowledge

The majority of superheroes that appear on the screen stem from some distinctive cultures. By reading about them or watching new movies, students also get to know more about rituals and traditions they knew nothing about.

Moreover, such profound cultural insights only reinforce their interest in a particular hero.

Cultural Exhaustion

Cultural exhaustion is a broader trend that is on the rise in the US. There are very few movies or comic books that have been released recently that can actually attract the attention of millennials. Few stories engage youngsters the way “Star Wars” did with our parents.

Modern book and movie industries produce more products of less value. Thus, it is no surprise that more and more youngsters, from pupils to uni students, get obsessed with superheroes.

Some state, American cultural originality is in decline, and the so-called superhero obsession is an effort to remedy this Hollywood trend by recurring to comic-book mythological solutions.

Reflection of Values

A global obsession with superheroes makes the comics and movie industry the most consumed stories in history. Apart from supernatural stuff, they reflect the tastes and values of the audience.

Thus, if we analyze this superhero mania, we can see the evolving status of women, changes in views on masculinity, or other social trends.

Mental Popcorn

Superhero stories do not require people to think philosophically and make conclusions. They are created to be consumed rapidly and become quickly forgotten. These products are rather mental popcorn than a “real meal.”

At the same time, movie makers do their best to make sure that you watch the best picture ever with cutting-edge sound and visual effects.

Exceptionalism and Vigilantism

Many Americans celebrate old-rooted exceptionalism and vigilantism that are especially highlighted in superheroic books and movies. Let’s recall most of the stories: in many of them, the superhero is usually an American who is gifted.

This person employs cleverness, virtue, and grit to save the world. Such patriotic plots still recall positive ideas in the minds and hearts of romantic and a bit naïve students.

Special Effects

Even though advanced special effects that are usually present in superhero movies have already been mentioned, they really deserve extra attention. Students enjoy going to the movies, especially if the pictures provide them with a unique experience. When they go to see a superhero action, an overdose of special effects is guaranteed.

It is truly amazing, and given the fact that such action and fiction usually come together with a superhero story, the students’ obsession with this heroic theme is completely understood.

Final Thoughts

Students are the main consumers of superhero literature and movies. Those products offer an amazing picture while being easy-to-digest. There are no big thoughts or super-hidden messages in the stories about gifted individuals with superpowers.

At the same time, these books and movies cherish the long-lasting perception of American exceptionalism and cultural diversity.

Even though they try to satisfy an old-rooted need for something unrealistic and unexplained, these stories uncover many real cultural facts and myths. All these make each part interesting for the audience.

However, the ugly truth is that if students are asked why they are obsessed with superheroes, they will most definitely mention special effects in their answers.

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