Ted Talks Conducted by Teens: Our Real-life Superheroes

Our world has gone a long path of development. The global progress in all spheres of our lives keeps gaining momentum. Only over the past few decades, we have observed plenty of innovations. Things that seemed to be impossible are today’s reality, and it is hard to imagine how many changes are still upcoming.

Technological, scientific, and other breakthroughs are the result of hard work and dedication of millions of established professionals. However, while older specialists keep working on making new discoveries, young talents don’t stand aside.

The worldwide famous resource TED has a mission to spread brilliant ideas across the world. It is actively publishing talks by inspiring youngsters.

On their website, where you can normally find plenty of talks by established professionals, you can also discover multiple performances of brilliant young innovators, scientists, activists, and other talents all under 20.

Does this indicate that our future is here?

Ted Talks by Wunderkinds: Bright Young Minds Sharing Innovative Ideas

What do most kids do when they are still at school? Being a student is a great time for self-discovery and personality development.

Most children prefer spending their school years with friends and having fun over studying. Many skip classes, order homework help at services like www.essaywritingservice.com, and try to make the most of their childhood.

However, there is also a different category of teens, whose maturity and mindfulness simply fascinates. While most teenagers under 20 are busy with completely different things, some already start making their first steps in sports, science, arts, and other fields. And we have to say that they do pretty great!

TED is a non-commercial fund most famous for its annual conferences dedicated to innovations, technology, and talent. For many years, this organization has been holding great events and then sharing inspiring talks online. The key goal of the fund is to spread brilliant ideas across the globe.

Apart from recognizing established professionals, the organization has also taken on a mission to discover the best talents among the new generations.

Since 2010, more and more brilliant teens have taken over the TED conferences’ stage to speak up about things that matter to them, share ideas, and embrace the change.

Thanks to TED conferences, over the years, the world has seen plenty of young talents. Let’s look at some of the brightest teen minds whose talks you can find online:

Anushka Naiknaware

Anushka is a talented scientist. This girl became the youngest winner of the Google Science Fair, being only 13 years old!

The reason why she won the fair and was later invited to the TED conference is her smart invention that aims at faster wounds healing.

Anushka has invented a special bandage. It features a smart sensor that tracks how a wound is healing and notifies when it has to be changed. In her talk, the young scientist explains how the invention works.

Jack Andraka

Another inspiring talk was given by Jack Andraka, a teen inventor of a promising cancer detector. The key reason that pushed Jack to make such a significant discovery is the fact that 85% of pancreatic cancer patients get their diagnoses too late.

This has made him think of possible ways of detecting the disease at earlier stages to give people better chances for survival.

In his talk, Jack shares the ideas and tells about how he created an early cancer detector that is effective, non-invasive, and cheap. By the way, Jack Andraka didn’t even reach the age of 16 when he made his invention.

Thomas Suarez

The talk by Thomas Suarez was given at an independent event, TEDxManhattanBeach. This 12-year-old boy is a self-taught mobile app developer.

Thomas was invited to give a speech to a local audience after he taught himself to create great apps for iPhones. Bustin Jeiber is one of his creations.

Now, Thomas keeps developing his skills and shares his experience with other kids to help them master the art of app development.

The Bottom Line: Young Bright Minds Are the Future of Our World

Seeing so many young talents is extremely delightful. Teen musicians, artists, scientists, and specialists in other fields are the future of our world. It is just great to watch them achieving first successes.

The brilliant ideas and discoveries made by the teens participating in TED conferences are inspiring. Each of their inventions has the potential to change our world.

Looking at these talented kids, we can tell for sure – the future is here! They are all so young and have already achieved recognition.

Keeping their early success in mind, it is hard even to imagine what great heights they can reach in the future! They’ve already made a significant contribution to the development of humanity. And we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!

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