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Roy and Rei at the Fair is Full of Heart and a Vibrancy of Colour

We were first introduced to the two lovable, titular characters of Roy and Rei in The Wine and Zine Anthology “Roy and Rei Get Ice Cream” comic short. Now, these two have been given their own full blown comic with Roy and Rei at the Fair by Zara “Zukinee” Williams. And all we can say is, this story is full of heart.

As the title suggests, we follow Roy and Rei as they attend a fair. While this might seem like the perfect setting for a full on fun time, the day is filled with an undercurrent of past traumatic experiences by one of the characters. Still, the initial draw of this comic is very much the bright colours and caricature art by Williams. The colour are bright but not too bright, encapsulating the atmosphere of the fair perfectly. It creates a sense of nostalgia as you turn each page and ultimately provides the perfect setting for this story. In fact, the overall art style fits very well with the story. 

With such a strong art style, this comic allows the visuals to tell the story. There is very little exposition and large chunks that contain no dialogue. Because this is a short story, relying heavily on the visuals works in the comics’ favour and is a welcomed change. The lack of dialogue and exposition gives Roy and Rei at the Fair a unique quality of storytelling that is a breath of fresh air. 

But the crux of Roy and Rei at the Fair is, without a doubt, the core relationship between the two. Simply put, it’s absolutely precious. In such little words, you can tell how fond they are of one another. The subtlety is beautifully done with Rei clearly being the more outgoing one whilst Roy is the exact opposite. Their friendship is wholesome and a wonderful addition to the LGBTQ+ positive community. We honestly can’t wait to see what other adventures are in store for these two and hope to see both characters become more fleshed out as their stories continue. 

Ultimately, Roy and Rei at the Fair is a genuinely fascinating and wholesome comic with some dark undertones set in a bright world. The art and colour really bring forth the best of comic storytelling. This story is highly enjoyable and we would easily recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. Simply put, we can’t wait to see more of Roy and Rei’s adventures.

You can get your copy of Roy and Rei at the Fair here, as well as discover more about Wine and Zine’s output. Have you already had a chance to read this wonderful little comic? Let us know in the comments below or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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