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Sequential Isolation: A Handy Guide to Comic Creators Currently Offering Free Comics

These are indeed strange times we’re living, dear Capers. As if they’re channelling their inner superheroes, many of our comic creator friends have been releasing their comics for free for anyone in isolation or quarantine. The outpouring of sequential content via social media has been immense and heartwarming to see, as many comic book writers, artists and more continue to offer up their work entirely for free to help those who may require to be entertained during these difficult days.

Below is our picks of comic currently avaliable to read for free!

Writer Umar Ditta has made his back catalogue of supernatural comics avaliable, including the ongoing series Untethered and Lad: The Homecoming, the latter of which comes highly recommended from us.

Stu Perrins‘ is perhaps best known for Megatomic Battle Rabbit, but his previous works, published under his banner of Clockwork Goat Comics, can be read via DriveThru Comics.

Nicole Bates‘ gentle yet honest and unflinching portrayal of social anxiety, Anxiety Me, is a recommended title that’s readily avaliable.

Writer and editor Hugo Boylan has made a gargantuan array of his output avaliable to read, including full-length comics Black, White & Grey and Superhero Helpdesk, along with numerous shorter comics. Apparantly, if a single theme can be found in this work, it’s unhappy endings. Make of that what you will.

Jed McPherson‘s Deadbeat, a tale of crime, violence and family drama, continues to be sold on a pay-what-you-feel offer.

Any excuse to read Gustaffo Vargas‘ exotic cyberpunk is a good one and he’s now made his debut work Trujill0 avaliable to read, complete with its new cover.

Ken Reynolds‘ experimental anthology series Sliced Quarterly remains avaliable to access for free, but so to does Cognition #0, his and Sam Bentley‘s superb folk horror action/adventure series.

Starting from Monday of this week, indie publisher ShortBox will be making their back catalogue avaliable to read for all, a most generous move on their part! The first one up for grabs is Emily Carroll‘s anthropomorphic story of murder and revenge Beneath the Dead Oak Tree, wth more to follow in the coming days. Be sure to follow them on Twitter for more updates in the coming days!

David Robertson‘s quirky anthology of short and long form comics Break the Cake is avaliable and is very much recommended as a starting point for Robertson’s brand of offbeat comics. Everything from bike riders, baguettes, co-workers, spoilers, Descartes, seedless grapes, chewing gum and beyond are covered in this comic – something for everyone!

Currently crowdfunding on Unbound, Shaun Gardiner‘s gothic, dystopian comic The Boy With Nails For Eyes is a comic we recently found to be a hugely engaging read, now you can read it too!

Tony Cooper‘s subversive superhero comic Powerless and his teen murder drama The Muder Club will likely leave you entertained or disturbed. Either way, you’ll be distracted from the world with these comics.

With Barking‘s release just around the corner, Lucy Sullivan has made the comic’s first two chapters avaliable to read for free. With its riveting artwork and compelling subject matter of mental health, this is one particular comic we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Irish small press publisher Rogue Comics has made two of their gritty, action-packed and conspiracy-filled crime comics avaliable to all; The Guards and The Broker.

Aaron Losty‘s The Last Scarecrow, a tale of gang warfare and human drama, and The Waves That Break, an exploratory anthology on losing loved ones, are both avaliable to download.

We found The Catalyst and The Little Deaths of Watson Towers to be hugely charming reads, and writer Nick Bryan has made his previous comic Moonframe avaliable to enjoy.

Alien in the Outfield, Jack RB Kirby and Mat Barnett‘s all-ages, alien sports adventure comic, will surely satisfy those intergalactic baseball cravings we all get from time to time.

The first chapter of Tom Woodman and Rupert Smissen‘s sci-fi/romance epic Future is another Unbound title that we’re excited to see the finished version of.

Currently gearing up for launching his and Katie Fleming‘s black metal comedy The Black Rubic on Kickstarter, Chris Mole has made the first issue of his, Melissa Trender and Nikki Foxrobot‘s previous comic Brigantia avaliable to read.

Issue #1 of Rick Worth, Jordan Coller, Own Watts, Richard Wiseman‘s paranormal and psychological comic Hocus Pocus is avaliable via the comic’s website.

A handsome collection of Alan Henderson‘s newspaper strip-esque comedy The Penned Guin is avaliable for all, including activity sheets for younger comic fans.

Shelby Lynn Black‘s cryptic, high-concept and visually complex comic Until Observed is free to read via Webtoons.

Another creator making comics avaliable for younger audiences is Dan Whitehead, who’s superhero comic Ella Upgraded also comes with some activity sheets. His Western horror comic Frankenstein Texas, made with David Hitchcock, is also avaliable.

Tom Sparke‘s vibrant, all-ages comic Captain Fishbeard should keep your little ones entertained, as well as the accompanying YouTube channel for the comic.

Gareth Hopkins has made some of his experimental output avaliable, including such collaborative works as The Exploding Mess, Too Dry To Haunt and Found Forest Floor, all of which boast his ususal distinct visual personality.

Chris Saplton‘s Eelman, heartfelt account of his father’s work as the last traditional eel catcher, promises to be a fun encapsulation of a past art.

David Taylor‘s violent yet progessive crime noir graphic novel The Grave is one not to be missed, free to read from his website.

Jack Foster‘s pulpy, twisted superhero saga GUN can be enjoyed via its first collected edition, Fighting is my Monday.

An uninspired milkman leading his community in a daring, intergalactic battle maynot be your most regular premise for a comic, but Joshua Saxon‘s Milky makes this imaginative outline work superbly.

The first 4 issues of Soaring Penguin Press’ flagship anthology Meanwhile… are avaliable to anyone who sign’s up to the publisher’s newsletter. A distinct gem in the UK indie scene, Meanwhile… prioritises diversity in its strange, unpredictable comic strips.

Another Soaring Penguin title on offer is Martin Simpson‘s grand, baroque dystopian comic The Needleman, an absorbing comic in its appearance and subject matter.

Dominic Archer is currently spearheading a charity/educational comics project online called COVID-19/COMICS-20. Working with a variety of artists, Archer is currently releasing the comic via social media, including Twitter and Tumblr.

The first issue of Eddie Klinker, Daimon Hampton and Jimmy Greenhalgh‘s The Rose Society, a story of youthful rebellion, is a promising debut from some fresh talent on the indie scene.

The good folk at Good Comics have put together a bundle of their titles, highlights of which include Rozi Hathaway‘s sublime anthology Cosmos and Other Stories, Gareth HopkinsPetrichor and the first four issues of Dead Singers Society.

The first 8 issues of Kevin Joseph and Ludovic Salle‘s time-travelling, demon-hunting series Tart, published through Scout Comics, are avaliable on a pay-what-you-feel system, a superbly fun looking comic!

The first issue of Daniel Faulkner and Rees Finlay‘s surreal superhero saga Gray puts a delightfully odd spin on the superhero genre itself.

Akiro Tea‘s Where No One Goes bursts with visual charm and intriguing thematic explorations.

Supernatural specialist Asa Wheatley has made his anthologies Sprouting and Other Tales of the Curious and Campfire Stories and his folk horror zine Faux Lore avaliable via his Gumroad store.

Big Punch Studios pack in an almighty big punch with the amount science-fantasy comics and podcasts they’re currently offering. The first chapter of 7STRING is avaliable, along with over 700 pages’ worth of Afterlife Inc. and the first 16 issues of their ongoing anthology comic Extraversal. Their duo of podcasts, A Show Called Hate and the TTRPG series Cuckoos: First Flight are also readily avaliable.

Lizard Men and Chalk writer Steven Horry has made his debut long-form comic free to download. The Islanders is an adaptation of the lo-fi musical of the same name, by Amy Mason, Eddie Argos and Jim Moray. Both the album and the comic, written by Mason and illustrated by Horry, are free for all to enjoy.

We’ll be regularly adding to this list for any other creators who may wish to be included, just drop us a line at or reach out to us on Twitter @AP2HYC. Our friends at ComicScene also have a list of recommended free comics and business remains usual with our friends at Pipedream Comics, The Valkyries and The Comic Book Yeti if any creators are looking for press coverage of their comics. The good folk at Comichaus are also offering their usual 14-day trial of the comics app along with a free month using the code COVID19.

Will you be enjoying any of these comics? Let us know in the comments section below or send us a Tweet!

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