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Warpaint #4 Culminates With a Heartbreaking yet Moving Finale

One of the amazing aspects of the comic book industry is the ability to discuss topics that are often considered taboo in modern culture. Warpaint is one of those comics that isn’t afraid to step over that line. In its final issue, Warpaint reaches its heartbreaking conclusion but offers a light at the end of the tunnel.

As the day draws closer Selene, Michelle, and Sophie’s protest (which consists of the three girls wearing their period blood as warpaint), Michelle and Sophie begin to feel immense pressure from Selene. At the same time, Selene’s personal life begins to crumble with this protest being the only thing she can hope to look forward to. But one difficult decision after another ultimately leads to tragedy. Meanwhile, as Sophie reflects on her youth and navigates the modeling industry, she is reminded of what Selene was eager to fight for.

Kev Sherry has truly crafted something special with Warpaint and the final issue is no exception. Driving from 80’s influences such as Stand By Me and The Goonies but with a female perspective, Warpaint’s story is incredibly touching and empowering for young teenager girls. There really isn’t anything like it. It’s an entrancing read that pulls the reader in almost immediately and has them holding their breaths all the way through. I have been waiting for the chance to finally see how this story came to an end after reviewing the previous issues. And this final issue did not disappoint.

Katia Vecchio‘s artwork is something to behold. It’s softness and light colour palette’s create an important sense of femininity throughout the story. Even when the story reaches its darkest moments, Vecchio always finds a way to maintain that softness, never losing sight of womanhood.

With a conclusion as powerful as what Warpaint offers, this needs to be a required reading for young teenagers of both genders. By offering this insight into the female perspective, men and women can learn from this comic especially at an age when identity and gender is so fragile. It is these kinds of comics, that aren’t afraid to tackle the issue of topics such as periods, that portray storytelling at its finest. This comic cannot be recommended enough.

You can purchase every issue of Warpaint here. If you’ve had a chance to read this series, be sure to let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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