Comics That Inspire You to Fight Child Abuse

Comics make history like any other art. For both adults and children, they create heroes with whom it is easier to go through a life full of problems and antiheroes. The problem of violence against children is extremely relevant around the world. The spread of violence against children is linked to the general increase in violence in society: violent crimes, suicides, and fatal accidents. In this article, you will find a list of child abuse comics for children and adults.

1. Urban Legend

Urban Legend is the first story about a black superhero introduced in the school curriculum. In the comic book, topics such as bullying, Ebola, women’s rights, problems of education, etc. are covered. Author Josef Yohannes covers these topics in special editions of the comic book, which are then used in the school curriculum. Reading these stories in pictures, children learn to help others, believe in themselves, and follow their dreams.

There are two versions of the Urban Legend abuse comics: for children and for adults. The children’s version of the story is easier, kinder, and deeper, which allows you to convey important truths to the child in simple language. The adult version is more entertaining, commercial, it has more fights and explosions.

2. Rising Stars

Chronicling of the life of 113 children born with incredible abilities after a blazing ball of unearthly energy hit a small town. This is a comic about the growing up, life, and death of special residents of Pederson, Illinois who attempted to change the world. But most children do not want such power…

This story is about how it is difficult for children to accept something that does not depend on them. What they need is understanding, support, and kindness no matter how strong they can be.

3. UNICEF Security Comics

Political comics were first used in UNICEF mine communications in 1996 after the end of the Bosnian War. The idea belonged to the First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton during a visit to Bosnia. As a result of the joint work of the US Government, the UN, and DC Comics, the children of the former Yugoslavia learned mine safety from the “citizen of the world” – Superman. Comics are designed to protect children at a time when adults cannot help them.

Child abuse will always be an important topic for society. And it’s great that comics on how to protect yourself are being created. You can find essays on child abuse on various useful sites. It is very important to disclose this topic from different angles and in a different way, and child abuse essay example will only strengthen the distribution of this topic among college students and adults.

In general, there are three comics with the participation of Superheroes, and with the support of UNICEF:

– Superman and a deadly legacy;

– Superman and Wonder Woman: a hidden killer;

– Superteam against mines.

4. The Heart of Shadows

This is a comic book about fears and phobias in the spirit of animated films by Tim Burton or Hayao Miyazaki. Thanks to the play of light and shadow, the authors immerse us in a mysterious gloomy world more and more with each page, forcing us to recall our fears: where they come from, what they are and how to learn to keep them under control.

The comic tells the story of a boy named Luc. He is ten years old and he is afraid of everything in the world: a neighbor’s dog, a cockroach, cars, germs, people, darkness and even his own shadow. But most of all, the boy is afraid of the night stranger – the Black man who crawls out of the closet every night and scares him.

This comic teaches children not only to understand their fears but also to fight them. An excellent metaphor is suitable for teaching children not to be afraid to fight if someone is trying to get them to do what they do not want, to destroy them, and to bully them.

5. Something Terrible

Superhero comics are often called the “flight fantasy”, but sometimes the therapeutic power of reading (and creating) comics can be underestimated. In this incredibly personal “Something Terrible” comic, Dean Tripp talks about his own struggles while he grew up as a victim of sexual abuse.

This is a truly moving comic that takes only 14 pages and is excruciating and triumphant. One can only imagine how it was difficult for Trippe to resist these memories, creating a comic strip. And also imagine how useful it is for people who have gone through a similar situation to read his story, especially when Trippe dispels the myth of the cycle of violence and shows how he himself overcame it. The comic teaches not only how to cope, but also to resist violence and will be useful for both children and adults.


Comics also make history, like any other art. Only they do it in their niche. You can easily find some of them in free online essay example articles to understand the importance of this art direction. They went through an interesting story, starting with the adult viewer and then becoming the media for the younger reader. For both adults and children, they create heroes with whom it is easier for them all to go through a life full of problems and anti-heroes. But the most important thing is that these are man-made stories and heroes that best meet what each generation wants at this point in time and space.

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